Show us your #MaltMillerBrew – Win £250 Prize

Posted on 4th June 2021

One of the things we love here at The Malt Miller is seeing our customers posting photos of their deliveries or brew days, and those wonderful photos of what happens to the boxes afterwards by them being made into forts, spaceships etc. in the many different home brewing groups.

Over the years we’ve seen some fantastic photos, so we thought how could we give something back to those making us smile posting these and of course for being our customer?

So we thought we would have a prize for the best photo posted online in your favourite Facebook groups, Instagram and Twitter. To keep it as simple as possible all you have to do is to post a photo of either your brew day delivery or a beer brewed with our ingredients, something with our products in it that includes somewhere our logo and include in the post #MaltMillerBrew

We will run this for the month of June 2021, and who knows if its fun and you guys enjoy it we might make it a regular thing.

We want it to be fun though, we want you to enjoy doing it as much as you already do, and we don’t want to get bogged down over complicating it with lots of rules, but we know we have to give some so here they are.


Photo including TMM logo, hashtag on post, nice and simple.

To be posted either in a Facebook Group (not on our page), on Instagram or on Twitter.

At the end of the month we will go searching for all the photos online on the 3 platforms with the #MaltMillerBrew, the team will then choose best 5 photos, this could be the most creative photo, or the photo that got the most likes, or simply the one that made us laugh the most, these will be put into a hat and the winner drawn out.

By posting your photo with #MaltMillerBrew we will take this that it means you are happy for us to share the photo on our social media channels when we announce who the monthly winner is, so please do also keep it clean and if you are including children ensure the parent or guardians permission is granted for this.

The judges decision is final in all aspects of the competition.

Last day of the month is the final date for entry for June 2021.

The prize will be sent to the winner once we have contacted them in the form of a £250 voucher to spend on The Malt Miller website.

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