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Recipe Generator – creating bespoke beer kits

Posted on 7th December 2018

For those who haven’t used it the Recipe Generator allows customers to order their own bespoke recipe by the gram and to their requirements.

It’s one of the most loved features on The Malt Miller website, and has been since we launched the first Recipe Generator back in 2016. Our current Recipe Generator was launched in May of 2018, and all the time you’ve been using it we’ve been working on advancing this to offer more functions.

All recipe kits are made to order, never kept on the shelf to take away which is why its essential to order these prior to any customer collection. Kits ordered through the Recipe Generator are totally bespoke products made to precisely your instructions. We weigh out all of the grains which then come mixed together ready to use, and the hops are nitrogen flushed and vacuum packed in their individual varieties.

This post and video shows you the latest enhancements to the Malt Miller Recipe Generator, and talks you through how to use these, we hope you like them as much as we do.


Creating a Recipe

You can access the Recipe Generator from the Malt Miller home page or from your account page.

You can then start inputting the ingredients that you require for your recipe kit.


Against each of the malts you can see the EBC of the malt, then the amount of stock available, and price per KG

Similarly against each of Hop pellets you can see the stock quantity in KG, the price per 100g.

These menus are how you can find out if any of the items are out of stock, as this will prevent you from being able to order the completed kit.

Select the ingredients one at a time, enter the required grams you want to add to your recipe kit, then click the + button to add to your recipe


The Recipe Generator allows you to order malts and hop pellets by the gram and add these to your recipe kit, it also allows you to add adjuncts, yeast and flavourings to your recipe kit.

Once you have entered all of your ingredients give your recipe a name, select if you wish to have it crushed or uncrushed and click save to add this to your account.


Recipe Method

One of the enhancements that we have added to the Recipe Generator is allowing you to add the method to your recipes. This means you can store and save all of the brew day steps to each of your recipes.

To start click the Method tab on the Recipe Generator.

Select the style of beer that you are brewing in the drop down menus. The options here follow BJCP style guidelines.

Continue to then populate each of the fields to describe your beer recipe.

Add your batch size, the Original Gravity, Final Gravity, ABV%, and IBU if you know it.


Then move onto the Method Steps for brewing, adding Mash Temperature, Mash Length. If you have a Mash Out step add in the temperature for this and the length of time. Don’t worry if you have more steps there is a comment box right at the end where you can add more details if needed. Then add the boil length to your recipe.

The next step then is start adding in your first additions.



When adding these entering these ensure that you put the addition name, the amount/weight, then the time of the addition, so that the recipe can be easily followed and repeated.

Then add in any second additions, so any dry hop or cold side additions. Again ensuring that you put the addition name, the amount/weight, and then the time of the addition.

Next add the yeast and the fermentation steps such as temperature and time for fermenting.

The final comment box is then useful to put a note in about the beer to describe it, any further points to note, or any further additions that you have added.


Recipe Duplication

Our next enhancement is really useful for a few reasons.

Click on Duplicate, the Recipe Generator will then make a copy of your recipe kit.

This is great if you wish to make an alternative version of your original recipe without loosing the original. Previously you would have to re-enter the whole recipe in again, but now you can take the copy version and amend just the sections you wish to change such as swapping yeast or changing timings or additions and give it a different name.


Recipe Sharing

The final enhancement is the ability to Share your recipe kit. To share your recipe you have to have completed all of the Method steps which have an Asterix against them.

You should check that the ingredients list matches the ingredients on the method, and that you have the same amount on both, as otherwise you could end up creating a kit that someone else can’t brew correctly.

By clicking the share button this will submit your recipe to the team at the Malt Miller for review.

Once received the team at the Malt Miller will then check your recipe to ensure that it looks correct and complete, if there are any queries then you’ll receive an e-mail about it so that it can be amended and resubmitted.

When its been approved the recipe will then appear on the Malt Miller website as a Recipe Kit where you and all other customers will be able to buy order and brew your recipe.


We’ve also prepared a video walking through these enhancements the Recipe Generator.

Recipe Generator – how to add recipes, duplicate recipes, and share


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