The Grainfather G70

Posted on 28th June 2019 by Categories: Blog, New Products

So whilst at Home Brew Con 2019 in Providence we were lucky enough to get totally hands on with the new G70 from the Grainfather team

Sam who is part of the development team for this new product gave us a great walk through and answered lots of our questions on what the product does.

We see this as the next step for their product range, a product that takes learnings from the original, takes it up a notch. We’d then expect to see this process repeated, and for this to be on sale for a while and learnings from its success to be taken and help with any update or launch of a new G30 at a later time.

The G70 even with its more slick design and pump inside the base retains one of the features we love most about the Grainfather G30, the ability to replace any parts and service the product should anything ever need replacing.

There are lots of other products to come before then, there’s going to need to be a bigger sparge water heater, bigger conical fermenters, and there’s the new conical Wi-fi controller coming too, and that’s just the new things we can tell you about. So Sam is going to be kept pretty busy for then next few years.

It was great to get so up close with this new product, and to see the passion that the team have for bringing new product to the home brew market.

Pricing at the moment is still to be announced, but take on board it’s twice the size, it has lots more tech in the build, and lots more features that will all cost more to make.

We’ll be sure to let you know any more information as we get it and can let you know.

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