2.4kW Kettle Element - Home Brew Boil Kettle / HLT

2.4kW Kettle Element – Home Brew Boil Kettle / HLT


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Easily fitted, fast boil times and simple to remove for cleaning.

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Ideal for use within a boil kettle or HLT.  Supplied with a steel back nut that is easy to tighten along with a soft silicone washer, plus a spare.. This has a couple of benefits, the element is both easy to remove for cleaning and very easy to make it water tight, no tools are required.

Once added to a kettle it creates a perfect “Brew In The Bag” system, see the video here

The steel element is 240v, 10 amps and is supplied with the correct, hot condition flex and 3 pin plug. Simply cut a 40mm hole ( or let us cut it ) to fit the element with the food grade silicone washer on the inside of the vessel.

In our trials using our 35 litre kettle we were able to raise 25 litres of water at 10c to mash out temperature of 75c in in 50 minutes. To get from mash out temperature to boiling took a further 23 minutes.

We recommend using one element in either a 25 or 35 litre kettle. If using a larger 50 or 70 litre kettle then two elements will be required. For use in a Hot Liquor Tun ( HLT ) one element will be sufficient up to 70 litres.

Clean using descaler to keep the element running at full potential, if mash liquor becomes baked on remove the element and soak in a solution of Sodium Percarbonate.

Always clean and dry the element after use and don’t leave submerging in liquid after the brewing process.

Kit contains:-

  • 2.4 kW element
  • Steel back nut
  • Silicone O-ring plus a spare
  • 2m Power cord with 3 pin plug.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Country of Origin CN
HS Code 8516900000


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