5 litre keg dispense set up – Tap sold seperate

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Full dispense set up, just choose your desired tap

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Stainless Steel 5 litre Keg

5 Litre Stainless Steel Keg


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Mini Keg Dispense Lid

Mini Keg Lid


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16g Co2 Bulbs x 10

Threaded 16g Co2 bulbs used for our Mini CO2 Regulator and our Growler dispenser.

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Keg Disconnect Gas In Thread

Grey, gas in disconnect Quality product that will last.

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Keg Disconnect Product out Thread

Black, product out disconnect.

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Stainless Steel Tap Shank Adapter

This adapter allows any tap or shank to be connected to a keg disconnect turning any tap into a mobile party tap.

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Round Tap Handle

Black tough plastic handle for our Intertaps.

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This is the stainless steel 5 litre mini keg with the dispense cap, mini regulator, both required disconnects and the tap shank adapter.

The only item required for dispense is your choice of tap which can be selected below.

Choose flow control for anything other than cask conditioned type carbonation. Picture shows with the Intertap flow control model (tap not included).

Dispense lid with 20 PSI pressure relief valve
5l Stainless keg with TMM Logo
Shown here with Flow Control Intertap

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Weight 4 kg

1 review for 5 litre keg dispense set up – Tap sold seperate

  1. Robert Neale

    I have been using this exact set up over Christmas with the flow control tap to dispense a Rauchbier. Carbonated with a large CO2 bottle then use the mini reg to top up. The flow control makes pouring a perfect pint a breeze.

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