Alembic Dome Conversion Bundle for Grainfather G30 - Complete Distillery


Alembic Dome Conversion Bundle for Grainfather G30 – Complete Distillery


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Transform your brewing hobby with our home distilling bundle, featuring the beautiful Copper Alembic Dome still from Still Spirits

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T500 Copper Home Distillery Bundle for Grainfather G30

A comprehensive and complete equipment bundle to convert your Grainfather G30 and start distilling at home, featuring the T500 Copper Still from Still Spirits. With this equipment you can produce distilled water, essential oil or alcohol (check local legality). You’ll be able to produce vodka, gin, rum, whisky or liquors easily.

About The Alembic Dome and Condenser

Craft true artisan spirits and liquids at home in a more traditional distilling method which allows you add in flavour profiles on your spirits and liquors rather than stripping all flavours as you would with a reflux system.

The Pot Still Alembic Dome Top is copper and fits on to the Grainfather G30 (not included). The large copper surafce area of this dome top acts as a catalyst with the vapour in the still and helps enhance and concentrate the flavours and aromas as well as remove unwanted sulphur compounds. This produces a smoother, richer, sweeter tasting spirit.

We have also included the water flow regulator from Still Spirits in this bundle allowing you to run water through the condenser of the still at a steady and consistent rate, this allows for a more accurately controlled output of spirit from the still.

What’s Included?

We’ve included everything you will need to get going and producing high quality spirits. We have included the following items:

  1. Still Spirits Alembic Dome
  2. Still Spirits Condenser Arm
  3. Still Spirits Water Flow Regulator
  4. Alcometer
  5. Plastic Jug
  6. Ceramic Boil Enhancers
  7. 16l Plastic Bucket to collect distillate in
  8. Distilling Conditioner

We’ve also included all the ingredients to get your first sugar wash on to make clean, neutral spirit:

  1. Pure Turbo Fermentation Kit – Yeast, Nutrient, Activated Charcoal and Clearing Agents. (Contains Crustaceans)
  2. 7kg Brewing Sugar (Dextrose)

This is enough to produce a 21l sugar wash which will result in apx 6-8 700lm bottles of finished spirit, when diluted to 40%ABV. This will vary depending on your method, the cuts you make and the dilution rate you work towards.

Once you’re up and running we have everything else you’ll need to progress in the art of distillation. We have an array of different sugars and malt extracts for you to use to make many different types of flavoursome spirits or we have essences and bases to make all your much loved beverages, perfect for the home mixologist!

If you fancy reading up on the craft of home distilling, then why not pick up a copy of “How to Distill” by the wonderful Aaron Hyde.

There are lots of on-line resources on how to run this still and how to produce alcohol. Firstly we suggest watching the range of videos from the manufacturer of the AirStill, Still Spirits. We also recommend the awesome YouTube Account “Still It” where you can learn all the skills you need as well as gain some inspiration.

Disclaimer: Distilling alcohol in the UK without a licence is not legal. We suggest you research your local legality on this topic and should you wish to then distil at home without the correct legal authority you do so at your own.

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