All Grain Brewers Starter Set

All Grain Brewers Starter Set


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High quality 40 pint all grain starter set – contains all required to brew, ferment and bottle any beer style.

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This is ideal for anyone who has either not brewed before or maybe just brewed from beer kits.  Take the next step into brewing beer from grain using the brew in the bag method (biab). It contains all the equipment you require to successfully brew a 23 litre/ 40 pint batch of beer in any style, from lagers to the darkest stouts.

Hundreds of home brew beer recipes are available allowing clones of many commercial beers. Check out the video below where we have used this equipment to brew a clone of London Pride.

The brew kettle features high grade 304 stainless steel, the same you’ll find in professional breweries. Our chiller coil will chill your wort down in no time at all and then the fermenter bucket gives you all the space you need to ferment up to 40 pints of beer.  

We’ve also included all the items you need to package you beer in to re-usable screw top bottles, which you can easily fill using the bottling stick. 

You can also check the progress of your fermenting beer using the included hydrometer and trial jar.

Using this equipment bundle you’ll be able to mash, boil, chill and package your beer with no compromise!

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