Angus & Oink - Texas Ultimate Steak Rub 200g BBE: 11/2025

Angus & Oink – Texas Ultimate Steak Rub 200g BBE: 11/2025


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Inspired by the meaty, peppery juicy steaks of Texas this rub just begged to be made. Five types of aromatic peppers, three salts and two types of garlic

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Angus & Oink

The variety of sauces and seasonings allow you to create favourite street food flavours in your own home with killer confidence. Try creating your take on tacos, smoked & pulled pork, West Indian curries, delicious comfort food, Cajun Loaded Fries -let us take your taste buds on a journey!

Don’t just think their range of tasty products is purely for summer or for meat on your BBQ. They can be used all year round indoors and outdoors to enhance your everyday cooking experiences.

Why not elevate your Sunday lunch with Shawarma Roasted Cauliflower, or Ras El Hanout Parsnips?

Boost flavour in your salad dressing with the addition of Big Phat Greek or Italian Stallion.

Or make your own dirty fries in the air fryer with a sprinkling of Chinese Takeaway or Porky White.

Endless flavour combinations, only limited by your imaginations…

Use as a Rub!

Choose your flavour destination, find the rub that is influenced by that location and then simply rub it on your food to take your cook to new levels and your taste buds to new places with ease.

Rubs go well on all foods, not just meat, and don’t just limit them to being used on the BBQ.

Use as a Paste!

Pick a flavour, find the rub that is influenced by that flavour and then most rubs can be mixed with either an oil such as sesame oil, olive oil, or you could choose to mix with a mayo, yoghurt, or even a vinegar. Its an endless list of possibilities and combinations for you to play with.

Use as a Marinade

Mix up a paste, add layers of flavours with your paste, leave your food to absorb the flavours for at least an hour, or even better over night.

Korean Rub + Soy Sauce + Fish Sauce + Sesame Oil + Lime Juice + Runny Honey

Chinese Takeaway + Sesame Oil

Shawarma + Olive Oil + Lemon Juice

Tandoori/Indian Rub + Yoghurt + Lemon Juice

Possibly one of our best rubs to date, we give you Texas Torque – the ultimate steak rub!

Take ‘dem steaks to the next level – a big, bold, stetson wearing Texan style level!

Inspired by the meaty, peppery juicy steaks of Texas this rub just begged to be made. Five types of aromatic peppers, three salts and two types of garlic, this rub delivers a textural and flavour journey for your pallet

To avoid charring, season in the latter stages of cooking allowing the heat from the meat to absorb the flavours. Our top tip is to season the board when you cut the meat to add an extra flavour BOOM!

Ingredients (Allergens in CAPS & BOLD)
Pepper, Salt, Celery Salt (CELERY), Sugar, Garlic, Onion, Oregano, Bay, Cumin, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Soy (SOY BEANS), E621 & E631.

Angus & Oink started after the Founding crew lived and worked in the Americas, that’s South of the tex-mex border y’all! Cooking has always been a consuming passion and especially grilling, soul food and wood fired BBQ in all its glory. It’s where the flavour is at!!! Discovering sauces & grilled meat combinations all over the continent change our world and we hope to bring the same tantalising flavours to your taste buds!

We’ll take you on a journey through our products, no bus ticket required.

Our sauces are an ideal accompaniment and core ingredient in delivering emerging street food trends at home. Luscious foods such as texas BBQ brisket, smoked & Pulled Pork, cajun seafood classics, West Indian curries & snacks and Mexican Epic Tacos are all within reach.

Searching to find the best sauce for our own table led us to concoct rampant Angus habanero ketchup. This all purpose hot, sweet and mustardy magnificence delivers a wicked flavour burst to taste buds and compliments all manner of foods.

Once we had one recipe, we just kept on going. Now we have developed 4 sauces with !!!kick ass flava!!! you’ll struggle to find outside the Americas. With other variants in the lab, were on a mission to give you an experience unrivalled, a taste of goodness; journey into the new world.

Angus and Oink represent a passion for BBQ and authenticity, the team focus on delivering a distinct flavour using fiendishly researched ingredients, tasty chillies and delivering on flavour…Kerr….PoW!!! We don’t use thickeners, preservatives, colourings and stuff you really don’t need to eat.

Be sure to check out some of the amazing cooks and recipes on the Angus & Oink blog

There are a huge range of rubs for all types of cooking along with some amazing sauces too, we have been huge fans of their product since they started and use them not only when cooking outside but also in the kitchen all year round.

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