Barrel Wax

For leak free barrels

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Barrel aging beer, wine spirts and cider is a fantastic part of the brew at home hobby. They also look great and can form a brilliant display and talking piece. Barrels do take some maintenance though and leaks are always possible especially if they have been left dry for a period of time. That is where our barrel wax comes in handy. Fill your barrel with with water and place it inside a larger container. as the barrel leaks keep topping it up with water. Refresh the water every 5 days. If you still have seepage this is where the wax can be used. Mark the barrel where it is seeping. Empty the barrel completely. Heat up the the barrel at the point it is leaking with a hairdryer or hot gun. Massage the was into the void and allow to harden.

It can also be used if you see small amounts of seepage whilst your barrel contains your favourite beverage. No need to empty, just squidgy it into the gap.


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HS Code 3404200000


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