Beaverdale Red Wine Kit - Merlot - 30 Bottle (23L)

Beaverdale Red Wine Kit – Merlot – 30 Bottle (23L)

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Beaverdale Wine Kits – High quality 30 bottle (23 Litre) wine kit containing all the ingredients you need (just add water) includes step-by-step instructions.

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An early ripening and productive grape that originated in France and which is now grown widely in many areas including California and Northern Italy. The grape produces a rich fruity non-astringent wine that, because of its softness, is often blended with many of the world’s finest Cabernet Sauvignons such as Bordeaux.

Characteristics: Firm to soft and slightly fruity.

Appropriate Foods: Light red meats and game such as duck.

This Beaverdale kit produces 30 bottles (approx 23L) of quality wine in approximately 4 weeks


Instructions and all ingredients included.

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Country of Origin UK
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2 reviews for Beaverdale Red Wine Kit – Merlot – 30 Bottle (23L)

  1. Andrew Titcombe (verified owner)

    I fermented this in a 19Ltr keg with a float ball. So running on 5ltr less than instruction. Oak chips and no need to add sugar is a real cost bonus. It’s so simple it feels like cheating. Followed the clear instructions until ready to bottle. Then I filter all my brews through a .5 micron water filter system into another 19Ltr keg. I am want good fast results every time This makes the wine clear and ready to drink two days after fermentation has stopped. This is a full dark rich oaky peppery well balanced wine. I like nineteen crimes and at 19ltr comes out very similar almost as thick and sweat as Jam Shed Merlot. I think that this kit will be rich and full at the suggested 23ltr. working out at just over £2 a bottle and £3 if you include the bottle for my 19ltr batch. Keeping things sterile and creating a good batch. This is a good value kit.

  2. Karl Chaundy (verified owner)

    Easy to mix and ferment. No faffing with sugar as everything except water is included. Clear instructions. Initial taste is great and I’m looking forward to drinking this after a couple of months. It’s drinkable straight away though if you don’t want to wait.

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