Brewlab Blank Slope For Home Yeast Propagation BB: 18/06/2024

Brewlab Blank Slope For Home Yeast Propagation BB: 18/06/2024


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Brewlab Blank Slope for home yeast propagation and storage.

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This empty malt agar slope can be used in conjunction with the sterile inoculation loops to either harvest yeast from a previous brew or propagation. They can also be used to separate yeast from another yeast slope and allowed to grow a new colony for future use.

Watch our video in partnership with BrewLab to learn how to carry out the process required here.

After you have inoculated the slope with yeast cells, allow to grow in a warm location (around 25-27c) for 2-4 days. After this you can then store in the fridge for up to 6 months. You will be able to see the colony on the slope as it forms a thin layer across the top.

Ferment your home brewed beer like a professional using a Brewlab Yeast Slope – exclusively prepared for The Malt Miller by all round yeast experts, Brewlab

Brewlab Yeast Slope have advantages over both dry and wet yeast for home brewers. Using fresh yeast, made from a Brewlab slope, will lead to a quick start and healthy fermentation. Each slope is freshly prepared for The Malt Miller and is supplied with a certified screen for contamination and Diastaticus. Use our simple instructions to grow the yeast cells to the required pitching rate.

Yeast cultures supplied by Brewlab are held on agar slopes to preserve their viability and consistency. They are stable for up to 6 months if kept in a refrigerator below 4C. Don’t freeze as this will spoil their viability.

Little equipment is required to prepare a yeast slope, a glass jar is sufficient. Remember, never grow yeast in a sealed vessel as the CO2 produced will cause a pressure build up. Check out our yeast slope preparation bundle here

Yeast Slope Instructions

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