Centennial Whole Hops 100g


Centennial Whole Hops 100g


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A classic US “C” hop with lots of resinous pine and citrus notes.

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Think of this hop as a supercharged Cascade, a bit more of everything. Can be used as bittering or late and is a brilliant dry hop.

Used in some of the most iconic IPA’s produced include Stone IPA and Bells Two Hearted.

Earthy and floral with an element of citrus. Centennial is a much-celebrated hop in its versatility with its depth of bitterness and forward aroma — two characteristics that balance each other beautifully.

We contract and source our hops from the finest merchants and farms around the world, ensuring you get the chance to brew with the same high quality product that professional breweries use.

Using mylar bags which prevent light degradation of the hops, flushing the bags with nitrogen to remove oxygen and cold storage of them until ordered by you, ensures the hops are as fresh as possible.

If you want to learn more about hops and how to use them then check out our Help Centre where you will find blog posts and our Brew With Us ESSENTIALS and we also have some great content on our YouTube channel about hops too.

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