Chemclean 5KG

Chemclean 5KG

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A very effective alkaline cleaner, can be used hot or cold. Effective on Stainless Steel, soft metals, plastics and glass. Excellent results in hard and soft water.

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  • A very effective alkaline cleaner
  • Effective on Stainless Steel, soft metals, plastics and glass
  • Excellent results in hard and soft water
  • Can be used hot or cold
  • Removes protein soils, stains, carbon and fatty acids


How to Use


50g per 5litres of water for manual cleaning

50g per 20litres of water for soaking

Dosage may be increased up to 5% dependant on soil conditions



Before cleaning remove as much loose soil as possible by rinsing off equipment and vessels


Manual Cleaning  – scrub all surfaces with the cleaning solution until all surfaces are clean.

Circulation Cleaning  use 50g per 20 litres of water for fermenters, kegs, tanks, and other equipment. Circulate for 30 minutes at up to 60°C.  Dilution and circulation time may need to be adjusted dependant on soil load.

Soaking  – ensure all equipment to be cleaned is fully immersed. Soak for 4 hours at up to 60°C  or allow to soak cold overnight.


Thoroughly rinse equipment after cleaning

The solution can be reused during the cleaning process


Do not use on Teflon coated surfaces


Additional information

Weight 5.1 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 2836999000

2 reviews for Chemclean 5KG

  1. Michael Kennedy

    Very good product for manual cleaning and overnight soaking of equipment but if like me you want to clean kegs by circulation forget it unless you want foam everywhere. Tried using cold water, water @30°C and at 60°C, makes no difference, absolutely ridiculous of the manufacturer even to suggest circulation cleaning with this product.

  2. Richard Clare

    I use this product for CIP via a submersible pump in a 25 litre fermenting bucket to clean my SS fermenter and unitank, also using SS keg cleaner to CIP my Corny kegs. It does foam a bit but it works fine, just use a bigger bucket to hold it!

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