Colmated Wine Cork 38 x 22mm x 100

Colmated Wine Cork 38 x 22mm x 100


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Colmated stoppers are natural cork stoppers with pores (lenticels)that are filled with the cork powder resulting from the finishing of natural stoppers. A glue based on natural resin and natural rubber is used to fix the dust in the pores. A water-based glue is also currently used in this process.

This process is primarily used to improve the visual aspect of the stopper and its performance.

These stoppers are of quite homogenous appearance and have good mechanical characteristics.

No need to soak, just sanitise before use.

38mm long x 22mm wide.

Can be used in conduct with all of our corkers


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Weight .5 kg
Country of Origin PT
HS Code 4504902000


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