Tapcooler Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

Fill bottles from your kegs, whilst purging your bottle to avoid oxygenation


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Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

Want to bottle beer from your keg? Reduce fobbing, and reduce risk of oxygenation with the counter pressure bottle filler.

A simple push fit into your beer tap nozzle, push fitting for connecting gas line, extends to 310mm in length for varying sized bottles.

Instructions for use:

  • Santise the bottle filler by inserting into a PET bottle with sanitiser and squeeze sanitiser through the filler
  • Attach the 3/16 Co2 gas line into the Co2 push fit connector, or use included barb for other sizes
  • Adjust the Co2 pressure to 1 bar/15 psi
  • Adjust the length of the telescopic filler tube to the bottle height
  • Insert the tap port into the beer tap
  • Push a sanitised bottle onto the filler
  • Press the C02 valve for 3 seconds to purge the bottle
  • Open the beer tap
  • Adjust the filling speed by adjusting the pressure release valve
  • Close the beer tap
  • Remove the bottle carefully
  • Seal bottle with cap



Only for use with forward sealing beer taps; Vent-matic, Perlick or Intertap

Use only for filling beer into bottles

Use protective eyewear. Bottles may break when pressurised

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