Crisp Plumage Archer Heritage Malt – 25kg Sack

Heritage malt that packs a punch

EBC: 4.0

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Our 25kg sacks can be bought whole or split into five smaller 5kg bags. A bagging charge of £3.00 applies to this service. Sacks (and split bags) can be ordered crushed, uncrushed or finely crushed at no additional charge.

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Crisp’s heritage malt, Plumage Archer is a predecessor or the ever popular Maris Otter. It fell out of favour as it has a much lower yield per acre than more modern varieties making it less attractive to grow. However, the resultant flavour has never been in question, just try Govinda by Cheshire Brewhouse

Our Friend Shane Swindells has been brewing with heritage malts and whilst we can give you tasting notes such as “Very Sweet, Malty, Caramel, Bready, Smooth” somehow Shane has a more eloquent tone. Check out what Shane has to say below, he is quite a characher!


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Weight 27 kg


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1 x 25kg, 5 x 5kg

Country of Origin GB
HS Code 1107200000


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