Ernest T90 Hop Pellets 100g

Aroma hop. Gentle soft stone fruits, apricot aroma with citrus & all spice on the palette

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Ernest is one of the exciting new hops coming from British growers that promises to offer more modern requirements for flavours and aromas that people want in their beer. Something that can give you an alternative to US or New World hops.


Aroma hop. Gentle soft stone fruits, apricot aroma with citrus & all spice on the palette.

Ernest has a lovely new world characteristic, which produces a very intriguing and complex flavour, with gentle soft stone fruits, apricot aroma with citrus & spice on the palette.

Ernest was selected for farm trials when it was discovered to have good tolerance of wilt disease in the 1953 tests run by Dr Keyworth at East Malling Research Station surveying untested breeding lines. It is susceptible to powdery mildew and aphids but, with appropriate control, cones usually retain their green appearance late into September. It is particularly susceptible to downy mildew in the spring.

Ernest is named after its breeder, Professor Ernest Salmon. It was in production on farm trials in 1957 and 1958. It was used in brewing trials conducted by the Institute of Brewing in 1959 (reported 1960) but it was considered to be a poor substitute for the control variety, Fuggle, due to its ‘strong, coarse, American aroma’. It has remained only in the variety collection now at Wye Hops. It is a vigorous, tall, conventional variety producing distinctly long cones. It is late maturing.

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