Extra Special - ESB 60L - Good Chemistry Brewing - Brew With Us

Extra Special – ESB 60L – Good Chemistry Brewing – Brew With Us

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A big & bold ESB whose recipe has been given to us from Good Chemistry Brewing for you to brew at home! Enjoy this beer during the autumnal months with friends

Good Chemistry - Extra Special - Bitter BB: 25/09/2024

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“Extra Special” ESB By Good Chemistry Brewing

In this exciting “Brew With Us” collaboration, Rob and Stiffo journeyed to Bristol to meet with Kelly and Bob, the owners of Good Chemistry Brewing. Nestled in the heart of Bristol’s Beer Brewing Quarter, St. Phillips, and fueled by their love for great beer and positive vibes, Good Chemistry Brewing has found its well-deserved spot in the beer community.

Bob, a former homebrewer deeply involved in Bristol’s homebrewing community, decided with his partner Kelly to turn this hobby into a business 8 years ago. Today, Good Chemistry Brewing has firmly established itself not only among Bristol’s beer enthusiasts but also beyond.

They now operate two pubs: “The Good Measure” in Redland, a welcoming and cozy pub with nods to tradition and modern touches, and “The Kings Head” in the heart of Bristol, one of the city’s oldest pubs known for its tiny, cozy, and laid-back atmosphere.

Good Chemistry Brewing doesn’t limit itself to a specific beer style. Instead, they brew beers they love to drink, often leading to a seasonal lineup that keeps things interesting and diverse. However, they do have a fondness for cask-style beers, including the recipe they’ve graciously shared with us. At this time of year, they also launch a trio of these styles: Ordinary Bitter, Bob’s Best (Best Bitter), and the Extra Special. You can find cans of all three of these beers in our Indie Beer Fridge!

“Extra Special” is, as the name suggests, an ESB bursting with malt character. Seven different malts, all from the wonderful Simpsons Malts, come together to create a beer that’s both complex and approachable, complemented by delightful floral notes from the hops. East Kent Goldings are added throughout the boil, while Bramling Cross hops are introduced into the whirlpool, imparting winter berry notes to the aroma. The yeast of choice for this beer is WHC Saturated, known for its juicy nature and residual body.

This beer is versatile and can be served in various styles, but if possible, it would shine when poured through a beer engine or enjoyed bottle-conditioned.

On water, the brewery said:

“We would use 0.6ml per Litre of AMS in all of our brewing water. We’d also put 0.66g of Gypsum per kg the grist.

So essentially, we are edging the water balance towards more sulphate. It’s a ration of roughly 1.5 sulphate to chloride. This is to tighten up the flavour a bit. It’s already a malty and rich beer, it doesn’t need to be made any softer by the water.”

Ingredients Included

Simpsons Malt – Chocolate Malt (246 grams)
Simpsons Malt – Amber Malt (246 grams)
Simpsons Malt – Brown Malt (246 grams)
Simpsons Malt – Crystal Dark (467 grams)
Simpsons Malt – DRC (Double Roast Crystal) (467 grams)
Simpsons Malt – Crystal T50 (714 grams)
Simpsons Malt – Extra Pale Malt (12000 grams)
Bramling Cross – T90 Pellets 100g (1 pack)
Bramling Cross T90 Pellets (36 grams)
Goldings (East Kent Goldings) – T90 Pellets 100g (3 packs)
WHC Dried Yeast – Saturated – 11g Packet (3 packs)


Beer Style (main): British Ales
Beer Style (sub): Extra Special Bitter
Batch Size: 60
Original Gravity: 1.056
Final Gravity: 1.014
ABV %: 5.5
IBU: 48
Mash efficiency: 80

Temperature °C (Step 1): 66
Length (mins) (Step 1): 60
Temperature °C (Step 2): 75
Length (mins) (Step 2): 10

Boil time (mins): 60

Hop / kettle additions and timing:

123g East Kent Goldings @ 60min
74g East Kent Goldings @ 10min
103g East Kent Goldings @ 5min

Whirlpool / hop stand:

136g Bramling Cross @ 90c Whirlpool – 30min

Yeast: 3 x Packet WHC – Saturated
Fermentation temperature/steps: 18c-20c for 7-14 days

Additional information

Good Chemistry - Extra Special - Bitter BB: 25/09/2024

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