Grainfather G30 Rolled Plates Kit

Grainfather G30 Rolled Plates Kit

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Grainfather G30 Rolled Plates Kit

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By upgrading your Grainfather G30 with the Rolled Plates Kit, there is no need for the silicone rings that come in the original packaging. The rolled-edges provide a better brewing experience by eliminating the need for a silicone ring on the grain plates, which allows the user to more easily insert the bottom grain plate and the top grain plates into the mash basket. 

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Kit Includes:

2 x Grainfather G30 Rolled Plates


  1. Attach pipework to one of the G30 rolled plates (bottom plate) gently lower plate into the inner basket.
  2. Continue brewing as per the G30 instructions.
  3. Use the second G30 rolled plate as a top plate to sit on top of the mash as you would with the original plate.

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Weight 12 kg
Country of Origin CN
HS Code 8419899800

4 reviews for Grainfather G30 Rolled Plates Kit

  1. lken6604 (verified owner)

    The bottom plate is a good addition to the GF range, The top plate seems pretty useless, it sinks down compacting the grains.
    I now use the new bottom plate and the old top plate with the silicone ring

  2. Paul Barton (verified owner)

    these are expensive for what they are but they do save 15 very frustrating minutes of your life when the old seal keeps coming off the bottom plate. these are a great addition to the G30

  3. John Pittman (verified owner)

    Got this after fighting the seals for so long, if your basket is even slightly out of round, this is a must for ensuring a full seal at the bottom of the basket. Now if we could just get a sight glass fitted with a bottom drain retrofit…

  4. Stuart Evans (verified owner)

    So much easier than warring with the silicone rings, which were fine to begin with, but after 20 or so brews the plates start to warp.

    Yes, they’re a bit expensive, but they make brewing on the G30 even easier. If you’re on the fence, so it, you won’t be disappointed.

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