Grainfather GCAST - Bluetooth Wi-Fi Bridge

Grainfather GCAST – Bluetooth Wi-Fi Bridge

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Upgrade the connection of your G30 Controller to Wi-Fi. Never go out of range via Bluetooth again, also review live Tilt data from anywhere and log it to your brew session.

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GCAST by Grainfather is a bluetooth to Wi-Fi bridge

With the Grainfather GCAST, you can upgrade the connection of your G30 Controller to Wi-Fi. Never go out of range via Bluetooth again, plus review live Tilt data from anywhere and log it to your brew session with no additional hardware required.

With it inbuilt magnet you can attach to magnetic surfaces for ease of use.

Comes complete with 3 year Grainfather warranty, backed up by The Malt Miller customer support team.

Includes a 1m long Micro USB cable for use (wall charger not included).

TILT and Grainfather G30 sold separately.


  • GCAST Controller:  (h x w) 12mm x 45mm – 30g weight
  • 1M Micro USB cable (wall charger not included) – Power Requirements: Input voltage: 5V, Current: 0.8A
  • Inbuilt Magnetic mount
  • 3 years faults and defect warranty
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz, Bluetooth v4.2

Grainfather  GCAST User Instructions

NOTE: This product is not waterproof, so please ensure you do not get it wet or submerge in liquids.

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2 reviews for Grainfather GCAST – Bluetooth Wi-Fi Bridge

  1. William_davey (verified owner)

    My GCAST arrived today. I ordered it from Malt Miller less than 24hr ago! As always, Malt Miller provided me with the same outstanding value and service that they always have done.
    Anyway, I’ve been using my GF30 for over 4 years and am on about brew 200. I’ve always used the Connect and have generally found it to be a very useful tool. The GF app was ropey (to say the least) at first but I now find it to be fantastic. The issue for me was always the fact that I had to be within Bluetooth range all the time. Dropped connection has caused me problems with reconnection, although the updates seem to have helped in this aspect.
    When I saw this GCAST advertised by MM, I was tempted so stuck it on my order.
    It has taken me literally minutes to get to a position where I can brew as per usual but I’m connecting from my phone using WiFi. It’s so easy and intuitive to set up! And, it has already downloaded and installed a firmware update (v2. 0).
    The device is tiny! It will live magnetically attached to a shelf bracket in my kitchen (strong enough BT signal to the place where I brew). I’ll forget that it’s there. It’s a ‘set and forget’ device.
    The added bonus is that it works really well with my 4 Tilts that I use. I wasn’t sure whether it would monitor 4 simultaneously. I often have 4 fermentations running together. Well, it seems that it will. I have been using a Rasberry Pi to monitor my Tilts. This works well, but it takes some maintaining. The Google sheets that Tilt have made are cool. I am hoping that I can use the GCAST and GF app to replace the need for the RasPi. Jury is out on that, for now.
    I suppose spending 50 quid on this might seem a bit of a luxury but I think it is worth it, especially if you want to have it harvest data from a Tilt or other hydrometer. I would have bought it solely to make my GF connect effectively WiFi.

  2. Nigel Macey (verified owner)

    Amazing piece of kit, and so small!
    My trusty G30 is now 7 years old with countless brews under it’s belt and this has bought it bang up to date.
    A new firmware update to version 2.0 was available for the GCAST after the initial setup was completed.
    Looks like i can use all my 8 Tilt Hydrometers with this- and ditch all the old I-phones at last!
    Very easy to setup-the only parameter/setting i am looking for is if i can name my beer to the corresponding Tilt colour.
    The Grainfather phone app gets better and better.
    Highly recommended and superb value.

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