Home brewing 6kW electric element heating controller.

6kW PWM electric element heating controller


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Please note, these controllers are built to order and have a lead time of 10 days.

The SBPWMC01 temperature controller uses a bespoke PWM circuit board with SSR (Solid State Relay) output.

The PWM controller switches a Fotek  SSR-75 DA-H Solid State Relay.  This relay is capable of handling 75A.  We source our SSR relays direct from Fotek in Taiwan, there are many copies available on well known auction websites which are cheaper than going direct to Fotek but they are never genuine.

Power to the PWM controller is applied by switching the red toggle switch on the front panel.  There is a simple rotary control to vary the power duty cycle being applied to the heating element.  A toggle switch enablesdisables the control signal to the SSR.  This enables the pump switches to be used without powering the heating element at the same time.

It is important to isolate the controller from the AC supply when it’s not in use, do not rely on red front panel switch only.

When you have wort in the boiler and ready to to commence, turn the rotary control fully clockwise.  When the wort reaches the boil turn the rotary control anti clockwise until a rolling boil is achieved.

The rear panel houses all the connections;

There are two thermal magnetic over current protection devices on the rear panel.
The 12A breaker protects the PWM circuit.
The 30A breaker protects the heating element.

Both power input and output are on Blue 32A Commando plug and socket.
The pump outputs are fed to Neutrik Power Con connectors which are extremely robust and have integral locking mechanisms to prevent accidental disconnection. The pump outputs are fed via individual 4 amp SSR’s.

Maximum load for heating element output is 28A

Maximum load per pump output is 2A

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