How to Distill – Aaron Hyde

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A Complete Guide from Still Design and Fermentation through Distilling and Aging Spirits

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In How to Distill, you’ll learn every aspect of home distilling, from the fundamentals to controlling flavor development to packaging.

Whether you want straightforward information for your first distillation or you’re a home distiller looking to learn more and perfect your craft, you’ve come to the right place. In this book, certified industry expert and knowledgeable home distiller Aaron Hyde lays out the how and why of all the key processes, starting at the mash and fermentation, through distilling, and ending with expert information on aging and blending spirits. You’ll find:
  • An Overview of Distilling and the Process: The fundamentals of distillation, concise distillation theory, still design, distilled products, and ingredients are all covered.
  • Pre-Distillation: Move on to learn about the fermentation process, making your own wash from sugar or cereal mashing grain.
  • Distilling: The main event! A robust section on distilling covers modern distillation techniques, the distillation process, key decisions during distillation, process control, collection, and further distillation runs.
  • Post-Distillation: Work your way through flavor development and control, polishing spirit, the aging process, quality considerations, blending, and packaging considerations.
  • Recipes: Whether you’re interested in making bourbon whiskey, scotch whisky, gin, rum, or vodka, you’ll find an easy-to-follow recipe.

With reliable, tested information throughout, this is the new standard for distilling.

About the Author

Aaron Hyde has been homebrewing since 1996 when he started with his father in the kitchen. From there he picked up home distilling in 2008, piecing together a still from an old keg and copper piping. As the owner and operator of Brewstock Homebrew Supply in New Orleans, he sold home brewing and distilling products, helping many get their start in the hobby. He also provided educational classes on brewing and winemaking to those in the community and continued to spread his knowledge by writing articles for Brew Your Own magazine.

After five years he moved on to work for Briess Malt & Ingredients where he was a Sales Manager selling into homebrewing stores as well as craft breweries and distilleries. He currently manages global product strategy for Bevie, providing high-quality equipment and ingredients to home brewers and distillers across the globe. He often consults on home still design and development, as well as distilling-related products and accessories such as fermentation vessels, oak products, and yeast.

Aaron is one of the few people globally that has received their certifications in brewing, malting, and distilling through the Institute of Brewing & Distilling. He also manages the website which provides supplementary information and support to the book.

He is happy to bring How To Distill to the world, and loves sharing the joy of home distlling with everyone.

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1 review for How to Distill – Aaron Hyde

  1. Martin Rake

    Distilling has always seemed to be a mystic art, a process that was passed along in rumours and with very little fact and lacked reference material. That has now changed with this book which goes into detail, but not in a way that will overwhelm someone who is new to brewing or distilling.

    It removes the mythes surrounding distilling and provides a really enjoyable read for anyone interested in alcoholic beverages.

    Processes involved are detailed clearly, with great images and practices. There are recipes to understand how spirits differ from each other even the different types of gin available. There is information about equipment needed and how to operate it safely to get great results.

    Even if you have no intention of taking up the hobby this book has something for those who want to understand how their favourite spirit is made, or if you want to get to grips with how it is linked to home brewing this book brings it all together in a clear and concise format.

    Certainly a book that I haven’t been able to put down and I can see myself referring to time and time again.

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