John Guest 3/8 push fit to 3/8 BSP Adapter PI011213S

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Screws onto the Grainfather conical in place of the exit outlet

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This very handy adapter screws into the dump valve on the Grainfather Conical Fermenter allowing oxygen free transfer to keg with 3/8 beer line

• Push-fit technology
• Quick disconnection without the need for tools
• Food Quality and suitable for potable liquids
• Suitable for soft metal or plastic tubes
• Suitable for air or inert gases
• Superior flow characteristics

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Weight .02 kg
Country of Origin UK
HS Code 3917400000

1 review for John Guest 3/8 push fit to 3/8 BSP Adapter PI011213S

  1. stephen gale (verified owner)

    This works a treat on the Grainfather Conical fermenter for closed transfers into a corny key. Be careful not to cross thread it when screwing it in. I found that there isn’t much space under the fermenter and that a 90 degree elbow really helps. You will find one here: Also 3/8 pipework easily blocks up with hop matter so try and dump as much of the trub as you can before starting the closed transfer. Hope this helps.

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