Kilner Set of 4 Fermenting Accessories

Kilner Set of 4 Fermenting Accessories


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Set contains: 2 x Kilner® Fermentation Lids, 2 x Kilner® Glass Weights

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The Kilner® Fermentation Accessories is specially designed to be used Kilner® Preserve Jars. The silicone valve integrated in the fermentation lid will release the gas that builds up inside the jar during the fermenting process but does not allow air to enter. The glass weights have been designed to weigh down the foods inside the jar, keeping it below the water level, preventing the foods from drying out.

Perfect for creating smaller batches of live cultures including sauerkraut, kimchi and pickles.

Set contains:
2 x Kilner® Fermentation Lids
2 x Kilner® Glass Weights

Jar not sold separately

The original Kilner® Jar, invented by John Kilner and Co. in England is as much loved and successful now as it was over 180 years ago.
Our diverse product range provides simple solutions for preserving, food preparation, storage and eating on-the-go using high quality materials all authenticated with the iconic Kilner®brand logo.

Dishwasher Safe
Do not pour boiling water directly into your jars/bottles
Wash before first use

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