Kveik Yeast Ring - Beech

Kveik Yeast Ring – Beech


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Handcrafted Beech Kveik Ring – 30cm (12inches) diameter – makes great display item for brewery or bar area, also suitable for harvesting and drying kveik yeast

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These hand crafted kveik rings are hand made according to traditional methods.

Supplied assembled, measuring 30cm (12 inches) in diameter. Made from solid food safe beech.

This is not just a beautiful wooden item its a working product which you can use to harvest and dry kveik yeast on between brews in the traditional Norwegian method.

Using a kveik ring or kveikstokk is simple: drag the kveik ring through the krausen of a fermenting beer, and then hang the ring to dry. On the next batch, the ring/kveikstokk is dunked into wort to reactivate the yeast. Note that not all yeast reacts well to drying. Kveik has this exceptional ability. For example, Brettanomyces is known to not be tolerant of drying/desiccation

Comes supplied fully assembled.

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Country of Origin IE
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