March May 815-PL-HS Brewing Pump

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The March Pump 815 – PL – HS is a centrifugal magnetic drive pump which has a maximum flow of 8GPM and a maximum head of 18.6 feet. It has a Polysulfone pump head with 1/2″ BSP male threaded inlet and outlet. This is a pump designed for brewing and is capable of pumping liquids up to 120c.


Please note that magnetically coupled pumps are not self priming and can be damaged if run dry. If the pump is making any type of squealing, squeaking noise then there is a priming issue and the pump must immediately be turned off. The pump should always be mounted below the serving vessel with the inlet of the pump lower than the outlet. This allows the liquid to push air out and stop cavitation. If the pump need to be throttled back place a ball valve on the outlet, never starve the pump of liquid.

Before starting the pump make sure that liquid is travelling through it.

The pump ships with an electrical flex but no plug, the customer is required to wire the 13 amp plug.


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