MDP Tubing Gas/Beer Line 3/16

MDP Tubing Gas/Beer Line 3/16


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MDP tubing 3/16 Sold by the meter

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MDP TUBING 3/16 Outside Diameter

Low cost beer and soft drinks dispense tubing …
For many years, polyethylene, commonly referred to as MDP (medium density polythene), has been the most widely used monolayer tubing for dispensing soft drinks and beer. It can be used in pythons, towers and as a gas or keg line.

Made by Valpar Mico Matic Polyethylene (MDP) tubing is a low-cost solution particularly suitable to meet the requirements of the soft drinks industry, especially in post-mix applications. Polyethylene is also suitable for beer dispense, although, due to limited resistance against bacteria and yeast growth, weekly cleaning of the lines is usually necessary.

Polyethylene (MDP) is better than EVA or PVC (Vinyl) for beer dispense as it imparts no taint to the beverage.

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