Meantime x CBC competition Winner - British IPA

Meantime x CBC competition Winner – British IPA


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The winner of the 2022 Craft Beer Channel x Meantime Brewing x The Malt Miller x Charles Faram

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In December of 2022 we had the pleasure of holding a home brew competition with the Craft beer Channel, Meantime Brewery and Charles Faram Hop Merchants.

150 people applied to enter and 80 beers were received and judged at The Malt Miller. The idea was the develop a recipe that featured only British ingredients, and used British hops of which Olicana was supplied to everyone to include in their brews.

The winner of the competition was George Tait and he kindly shared his recipe with us, which we have scaled down to a 23L batch and made slight substitutions to the malt selection due to the malts George brewed with not being commonly available.


Ingredients Included

Crisp Best (Pale) Ale Malt
Crisp Chevallier Heritage Malt
Crisp Crystal 150 Malt
Crisp Torrified Wheat
Olicana Pellets (185 grams)
Harlequin T90 Pellets (115 grams)
Jester T90 Pellets (115 grams)
SafAle S-04 11.5g (2 packs)


Beer Style (main): British Ales
Beer Style (sub): English-Style India Pale Ale
Batch Size: 23
Original Gravity: 1.061
Final Gravity: 1.015
ABV %: 6
IBU: 51.6

Temperature °C: 66
Length (mins): 80
Out temp °C: 75
Out time (mins): 20

Boil time (mins): 60

Additions and timing:

60 min – 35 g – Olicana
30 min – 35 g – Olicana

Hop Stand 30 mins @80C
30 min – 35 g – Harlequin
30 min – 35 g – Jester
30 min – 35 g – Olicana

Secondary additions and timing:

Dry Hops
3 days – 80g – Harlequin
3 days – 80g – Jester
3 days – 80g – Olicana

Yeast: Fermentis SafAle English Ale S-04
Fermentation temperature/steps: 18 °C – 7 days or until fermentation is complete


Dry hop at 18C after fermentation is complete, then cold crash to 4C, hold for 2 days. If possible drop the hops from fermentation vessel, if not possible then transfer off the hops to a secondary vessel and condition at 4C.


Notes from the Brewer George Tait:
This beer really touched a chord with us having started out in homebrewing playing about with Scottish Deuchars IPA clone recipes over 10 years ago using British malts and hops. This recipe offered a chance to get back to our homebrewing roots and really make the most of what was available closer to home in Scotland and from across Britain.
We wanted to create a beer that was bold and fruity in aroma and flavour but still held on to its origins in the past. For us the malt bill is just as important as the hop bill. We have been using locally sourced grain, grown and malted on a family farm in Fife. Alison at Crafty Maltsters supplies great malt bursting with flavour.  Whilst visiting there we were introduced to an Orkney Bere Malt and thought this heritage grain was exactly what we wanted as a key component of the grain bill.
We purchased several British hop varieties that were new to us from Charles Faram and The Malt Miller and spent an enjoyable evening comparing aromas. Although quite similar up front, we felt that Olicana, Jester and Harlequin all brought the boldness and fruitiness we were looking for with each bringing something subtly different to the party to help us create a layered and complex beer.  We used the same hops throughout the brew to show that the modern hops can be used just as well for bittering as well as aroma. Hopefully we have created a beer that shows the possibilities of a new generation of British hops whilst supporting the British malt industry.

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