Michelle’s got Talent NZ Pilsner

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This is a Community Recipe created by moleseybrewer

(Community Recipes are recipes that have been created by our customers who have then shared the recipe so that other customers can purchase them. Please ensure you read the Ingredients Included, and then the Method, as there might be ingredients which are not included and it is possible that the sharing customer has not checked both match or might not state what is not included.)

Ingredients Included

BESTMALZ Pilsner (3800 grams)
Crisp Pale Wheat Malt (180 grams)
Crisp Best (Pale) Ale Malt (1700 grams)
Weyermann® Acidulated Malt (180 grams)
Motueka 100g Whole Hops (1 packs)
Nelson Sauvin 100g Whole Hops (1 packs)
WLP1983 Charlies Fist Bump.  (2 packs)


Beer Style (main): Other Origin Lagers
Beer Style (sub): International-Style Pilsener
Batch Size: 19litres
Original Gravity: 1050
Final Gravity: 1010
ABV %: 5.3
IBU: 35

Temperature °C: 64
Length (mins): 60
Out temp °C:
Out time (mins):

Boil time (mins): 90

Additions and timing:

15 mins left add 1/2 a protofloc tablet
10 mins left add 20g motueka
5 mins left add 50g Nelson sauvin
cool to 85c

Secondary additions and timing:

add 30g Nelson sauvin and 50g Motueka for a 20 min steep at 85c

Yeast: if you are able to, build a yeast starter using 1 pack of the yeast, i do a 3 litre starter with 280g dme. if you cant do starters use 2 packs of yeast minimum.
Fermentation temperature/steps: 10c until gravity has dropped to 1.020 then increase to 17c for D rest.hold at terminal gravity for 5 days then gradually cool to 1c


add 2.4grams of calcium chloride and 0.60 grams of gypsum into the grains.as with most brews water and mash chemistry is key, especially so with lagers. i use RO but you can use Tesco ashbeck whicj you can get for about £1 for 5 litres, i perform a step mash holding at 54c for 30 mins and then increasing to 64c and holding for 60 mins. recirculate the wort untill it is clear, then start to sparge and transfer the wort into your kettle. you are looking to collect approx 29 litres @ 1.042 pre boil gravity add a 2.4grams of calcium chloride and 0.60 grams of gypsum into your brew kettle. boil for 90 mins. and add the hops at the times stated. post boil you should have hit a original gravity of 1.050. chill your wort down to 85c and add the steep hops as indicated. hold for 20 ins and then cool and transfer the wort to your FV.
ferment at 10c until the gravity is at approx 1.020 then increase tmp to 17c and hold until the gravity has dropped to its final gravity of approximately 1.010. hold it at this temp for 5 more days and then cool down to 1c over a period of 8 days, i drop it 1c in the morning and 1c in the evening. then carefully rack the beer from the fermenter into keg or for bottling.

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