Micro Matic Secondary Regulator for CO2 or Mixed Gas

Micro Matic Secondary Regulator for CO2 or Mixed Gas


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Compact, easy to use with integrated wall baracket

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Professional quality, high capacity secondary beer dispense regulator with integrated wall bracket and shut off valve.

Ideal for kegerator / keezer and home bar as well as commercial systems. This compact secondary regulator is suitable for CO2 and CO2 / Nitrogen mixed gas. Simple to mount using the two opposing screw holes to any flat surface. Adjustment is made via the large central control that needs to be pull outwards to move, this makes it very difficult to accidentally change the desired pressure. Whilst there is not a gauge with this regulator, the dispense pressure from 0 through to 45PSI is marked on the central control knob.

3/8 John Guest push fit fittings for the gas in, out and through lines, the out line also has a shut off valve. Finally, a red plastic should is supplied and when fitted makes it impossible to adjust the regulator as a security feature.

Compact Secondary Reg DS

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