Micro Matic Bottle Mounted CO2 Regulator

Micro Matic Bottle Mounted CO2 Regulator

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The CO2 regulator available here is made to our spec and has simplicity of use along with longevity in mind

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Micro Matic is the global market leader in the supply of keg couplers, keg spears and dispensing solutions to the brewing industry. With an innovative mindset, a clear investment strategy and visionary leadership Micro Matic has pioneered industry-leading draft beer products and services since 1953 and are today active worldwide.

The CO2 regulator available here is made to our spec and has simplicity of use along with longevity in mind. It features a large, easy to adjust control dial with locking nut to prevent unwanted “fiddling fingers”

The outlet is 3/8 John Guest push fit and the inlet is standard CO2 5/8 BSP threads found on all CO2 bottles. The low pressure dial, measuring what the regulator is delivering is very fine, just 0-43 PSI. This means changing PSI by just 1 or 2 is very easy. The inbuilt PRV’s allow discharge of excess pressure in the keg or lines. Finally a spanner is included to nip up the connection to the CO2 bottle.

Purchase the correct gas line top right hand of page, sold per meter

This regulator passes all European regulations, as such there is no problem if the use is in a commercial setting.


0-43 PSI low pressure gauge makes for easy fine adjustment
Outlet is 3/8 John Guest, use 3/8 gas line, simple push fitting.
Large adjuster, easy to use with locking nut
Ring spanner is included making bottle changes a breeze.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Country of Origin CN
HS Code 9032810000

3 reviews for Micro Matic Bottle Mounted CO2 Regulator

  1. Bevan Newell (verified owner)

    Just tried this as a replacement to a cheap one from Amazon. Fine adjustment is spot on, gauge aligns with my Kegland pressure gauge and the push fit gas hose is nice and easy. I like that it has 2 PRVs for redundancy too.

  2. Michael Briggs (verified owner)

    I wanted a good quality regulator, this purchase exceeded my expectations. Superb build quality, very clear gauges, dual PRVs, fine lockable adjustment and a captive spanner.

  3. James MB (verified owner)

    This is a great regulator, easily adjustable by hand with a simple locking ring to keep an adjustment firm. The gauges are nice and clear and the low pressure gauge is a suitable range so you can actually see beer pressures.
    I discovered this is a venting regulator which means if the keg is over pressure it will vent through the regulator, so if you turn the pressure up and then down it will vent to the lower pressure. With my old welding reg I found that the kegs dissolved more gas overnight when cooler and then increased in pressure the next day. I think this fixes that problem but I guess I’ll use a little more gas.
    I find the attached spanner a minor annoyance and it can’t be simply removed because the nut is shaped to retain it. If it really bugs me I can get the hacksaw out. A completely different level of quality to my old welding regulator.

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