Möst - T90 Hop Pellets 100g


Möst – T90 Hop Pellets 100g

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A path to new flavours, Möst means “bridge” in Czech. Strawberry bubblegum meets citrus and tropical fruit.

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Use in brewing:

Dual purpose hop. Möst can be used for aroma or bittering. It has a very potent aroma for a Czech-grown hop: described as strawberry bubblegum with some tropical citrus and fresh tones. It’s suitable for an array of beer styles from lagers to hazy pale ales to old ales.


Developed by Charles Faram & Co Ltd and named Möst by the Czech growers, meaning “bridge”. It was seen as bridgebetween the UK and Czech, in light of the UK leaving the EU. Sister of UK varieties Jester® and Olicana®. Möst won its category in the Wellhopped World Series competition 2020, against other Charles Faram developed varieties from growers in the UK, USA, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia.

This very new and very limited in volume hop was one we got to rub and smell back in 2019 for the first time. From all of the new experimental hops from Charles Faram this one really stood out. We even got to try it in a great American Pale ale where it delivered loads of fresh fruity bubblegum notes. So after getting so excited about it we contracted for the 2020 harvest to ensure that we could bring some of it to our customers.

We’re pretty sure you’ll be as excited with this hop as we were, as it delivers great smells and flavours without blowing the bank balance.

Flavours: Strawberry, bubblegum, tropical citrus

Beer Styles: American Pale Ale, IPA, NEIPA

We contract and source our hops from the finest merchants and farms around the world, ensuring you get the chance to brew with the same high quality product that professional breweries use.

Using mylar bags which prevent light degradation of the hops, flushing the bags with nitrogen to remove oxygen and cold storage of them until ordered by you, ensures the hops are as fresh as possible.

If you want to learn more about hops and how to use them then check out our Help Centre where you will find blog posts and our Brew With Us ESSENTIALS and we also have some great content on our YouTube channel about hops too.

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Country of Origin CZ
HS Code 1210201010

3 reviews for Möst – T90 Hop Pellets 100g

  1. Mitch Kemp

    This is a truly fantastic hop. The bubblegum rep might put you off, but I wouldn’t describe it as such; however it does impart an amount of sweet fruitiness. I combined it with moutere for smooth bitterness and styrian wolf for a citrus hit to great effect. It made for a spectacular IPA. Have bought a lorryload and it’s going in a dry hopped lager next along with bravo in hope of a liquid marmalade brew.

  2. Andy Hunt

    Fabulous hop great aroma and perfect in an American pale

  3. Andy Hunt

    Fabulous hop great aroma and perfect in an American pale

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