Motueka™ - Hop Revolution - CGX™ Pellets 50g

Motueka™ – Hop Revolution – CGX™ Pellets 50g


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New World noble hop with a distinctive mojito lime character that sings in both lagers and modern IPA.

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Motueka™ is a veritable tropical fruit salad, but one also tinged with basil and rosemary.

A handy dual-purpose hop that equally shines when added early to your kettle, right through to dry hopping.

Let it star in a lager or pilsner and works especially well with sweeter, malty beers.

Known as a descendent of the noble Saaz, this highly sought after variety leads with a notable lemon/lime flavor.

Lemon, Lime, Tropical Fruit

ALPHA: 13-18%
BETA: 10-11%
OIL (mL/100g): 1.2-2

CGX™ Cryogenic Lupulin Pellets allow you to do more with less, making it possible to brew aggressively hopped beers while improving yield and reducing environmental impact.

Advanced patent-pending cryogenic technology separates lupulin from whole-hop cones to deliver concentrated lupulin pellets jam-packed with resins and oils that will transform your beers and your business.

With up to twice the potency of T-90s and reduced vegetal matter, CGX™ pellets allow you to deliver big hop notes while gaining significant efficiencies that benefit your beer, your business, and the planet.

Less vegetal matter in your pellets means there’s less plant material in your brew, reducing trub loss and increasing the amount of usable beer.

CGX™ can reduce hop creep as there’s less plant material in each pellet. So you can increase turnaround times and brewery capacity.

CGX™ pellets are similar to other cryogenic hops in that they utilise cryogenic processing. However, CGX™ uses its own unique patent-pending process developed by Crosby Hops.

CGX™ can be used to replace T-90 pellets at a rate of 40-50% weight by volume. It’s typically used in the whirlpool and fermenter, but some brewers use CGX™ in the kettle as a natural for bittering instead of extracts. CGX™ can be used alone, but it truly shines when used in conjunction with T-90 pellets, which gives your beer clean hop notes while maintaining a good body and mouthfeel.

Hop Revolution is committed to growing high-health hops, developing new and exciting varietals and trialling growing techniques to produce the unique flavours our brewers are seeking.

We are partnering with others and have our own inhouse science programme and nursery to ensure the best plants are growing on our gardens.

We have installed two brand new Wolf 1000 Pickers and Wolf Kilns to ensure our hops are dried and conditioned to the highest quality.

Our hops are grown, dried and baled onsite before being transported in cold storage in a bale form to the USA where they are pelletised and distributed directly to Brewers in USA and Canada.

Our model is to partner with leading pelletisation and cold storage facilities in-market, to utilise the best facilities available and to provide fast and reliable delivery timeframes to our brewers.

Back in 1980, a feisty South Island craft brewer named Terry McCashin came out of the hills of Nelson and single-handedly took on the two big breweries that controlled almost every aspect of beer production and distribution in New Zealand.

An ex-All Black rugby player with a reputation for hard-tackling, McCashin simply wasn’t born to follow.

Driven by his own passion for the potential of New Zealand hops, he took on the big boys by establishing his own craft brewery and his own craft beer brand, (Mac’s).

Fast forward to 2014. Dr Wheeler and Kerry Skilton, inspired and encouraged by McCashin, collaborate to create what is now New Zealand’s largest single site hop garden (116ha).

Today the hops produced on the gardens of Hop Revolution reflect not only the vision we have to bring New Zealand’s most flavoursome hops to the world but also who we are as a close-knit family of brewers, plant scientists, farmers, nurserymen and kiwis who just love a great challenge!

Now UK home brewers have their first chance to use the finest quality New Zealand hops direct from one of the worlds leading growers thanks to a new partnership with The Malt Miller where are are going direct to the farms to source the finest hops around the world.

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