Mysterios Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone

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Mysterios Sierra Nevada Clone is an all grain recipe for classic American pale ale.

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Mysterios Sierra Nevada Clone is a classic American pale ale.

Ingredients Included

Crisp Lager Malt (5450 grams)
Thomas Fawcett – Pale Crystal Malt (450 grams)
Cascade Pellets (100 grams)
Northern Brewer Pellets (30 grams)
Bry-97 (1 packs)


Beer Style (main): American Ales
Beer Style (sub): American-Style Pale Ale
Batch Size: 23L
Original Gravity: 1053
Final Gravity: 1010
ABV %: 5.6

Temperature °C: 66
Length (mins): 90
Out temp °C: 75
Out time (mins): 10

Boil time (mins): 60

Additions and timing:

30g Northern Brewer for 60 mins
30g Cascade last 10 mins.
70g Cascade Last 1 Min

Secondary additions and timing:


Yeast: Bry-97
Fermentation temperature/steps: 19c


Mysterios Sierra Nevada Clone is a classic American pale ale.

Additional information

Weight 7.213 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 2106909853

3 reviews for Mysterios Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone

  1. Jonathan Rogers (verified owner)

    Excellent result. Brewed using the Brewzilla 35. OG was higher than expected, had to add 3.5 litres of boiling water to achieve desired gravity. West coast yeast worked very fast indeed. Shorter fermentation than expected. Have just pulled my first pint and compared it with a bottle of Sierra Nevada. Aroma, flavour, bitterness and mouth feel are very close, however, I may be biased, but I’m favouring the Mysterios. It’s gorgeous!
    Definitely going to re-order.

  2. Artur Giesteira (verified owner)

    Brewed this one 4 days ago. One question though – O.G. (after cooling) hit 1.062 -.64
    Is it normal to have such difference between expected OG. (1.053) and actual OG? Brewed this one using a Grainfather G30


    • Robert Neale

      Hey Artur, this means that that you got better efficiency than the recipe thought you would. You could liquor back with 2 litres of bottled water to correct it.

  3. John Marshall (verified owner)

    I have brewed this kit and it is is a true clone of Sierra Nevada I had an original gravity of 1.061 and it finished at at 1.008 7% ABV

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