Natural Pink Grapefruit Extract 15ml BB: 28/03/2023


Natural Pink Grapefruit Extract 15ml BB: 28/03/2023


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Natural Pink Grapefruit extract – the product that breweries are using to get a big grapefruit hit and addition to beers.

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This is our new Pink Grapefruit flavour extract. Stronger in flavour, so less product needed to dose than our previous product.

We have sourced this from a top European supplier of flavourings to the brewing industry, then repackaged into home brewing sized packs. When you see a major brewer making grapefruit beers they are using products like this to achieve that fruit flavour. The flavouring substances of this are 100% from pink grapefruit. Remove the risk of infection from using fresh fruit in your beer, far easier than removing zest or juicing fresh fruit, and less risk of adding in more sugars to your beer.

Suggested dose add at 0.3 to 0.7 g/litre. We would recommend you experiment to find the level of taste you require in your packaged beer.

Add just before final packaging. Dose each bottle or entire bottling bucket/keg. Has no effect on head retention.

Store in the fridge and out of light – flash point of 22c

Please see the below Data Sheet on how to use this product:
NBS Cold Pressed Grapefruit Extraction 15ml

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Weight .120 kg
Country of Origin DE
HS Code 2009210090


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