BrauSol Beer Finings 250g - Easy to Use

BrauSol Beer Finings 250g – Easy to Use


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Easy to use beer finings with extended shelf life – vegan

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Brausol is THE ideal product for fining beer for homebrewers as unlike Isinglass it has an extended shelf life. As well as that huge benefit it is also happens to be vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Very simple to use:-

As with all finings products mixing is key to how effective it is. Therefore the best time to use is in the primary fermentation vessel once fermentation has finished. Once added the beer can be bottled or transferred to a second vessel, this mixes the product easily. Add at a rate of between 0.2 and 0.4 ml per litre of beer. Average 7ml per 23 litre brew.

Brausol can also be used at the same dosage rate at the whirlpool stage during brewing.

Further technical information below

BrauSol Special is added to the brew at whirlpool or chilled wort by many pro-brewers to improve clarification, stabilisation and filterability in the brewing process.

It has the added advantage that its totally vegan friendly, easy to store, and economical in volume of product required. NBS BrauSol has no negative flavour effect on your beer, or impact on foam, colour or aroma. NBS BrauSol also complies with German Purity law regulations and section 9 of the provisional Beer Law.


Full technical details of use:

NBS BrauSol Special adsorbs sediment-forming colloids. The colloidal silica forms a hydrogel as a result of the reaction with components in the proteins. This creates a coagulate (complex), which is removed from the wort and beer with the insoluble silicic acid, without leaving a residue. Foam, colour, flavour and aroma are not affected.


Application of BrauSol Special in the brewhouse

For optimal hot trub separation, NBS BrauSol Special is added in the whirlpool. Dosing point is, when the whirlpool is full between 75-85%.
Visual inspection: After the dosing in the hot wort, the wort will be for 20 sec. get white; this is the neutral reaction, when the liquid silica sol will be new formulated into a Hydrogel

Very important: No dosing before transfer-pump, otherwise the pump will destroy the coagulate between silica sol and proteins!
The coagulate will be settle down in the whirlpool bottom and will be separated together with the hot trub.

NBS Brausol Special is added at a rate of 0.2-0.4ml per litre.

• accelerates fermentation
• optimizes filter throughput in reduction of haze sensitive proteins • strong hot trub precipitation
• very compact trub


Application of BrauSol Special in the fermentation or during transfer to storage cellar

During this process NBS BrauSol Special is dosed into the cooled finished wort (preferred) or into the fermented beer using a special dosing unit (dosing pump like cleaning detergent dosing) or you put it in the hose (manually), or transfer it in the fermentation tank before cooled wort goes in (via keg).

Dosage: 0.2-0.4 ml/litre cooled wort.

• no impact on fermentation
• yeast crop is increased
• green beer clarifies quicker
• filter throughput during final filtration is increased

The dosage of NBS BrauSol Special during transfer from fermenter to storage cellar provides good results particularly when used in final fermented beer, which is transferred with a temperature around the freezing point (0°C – 10°C).


NBS BrauSol Special complies with the German Purity law regulations and section 9 of the provisional Beer Law. Laboratory tested for purity and quality.

NBS BrauSol Special is completely vegan friendly. NBS BrauSol Special must be stored where it cannot be affected by frost, ideally at temperatures between 5 and 30 °C.

Easy to dose as we supply a 2ml syringe.

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