NBS Clarity 15ml

NBS Clarity 15ml

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Significantly reduces gluten and chill haze.

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NBS Clarity is added a at a rate of .5ml per 20-25 litre brew and is added at the same time as pitching yeast.

The effect of NBS Clarity is reduce chill haze in the final product.

Another great benefit of using NBS Clarity is that it significantly reduces gluten, usually resulting in a product testing under 20ppm.

Easy to dose as we supply a 2ml syringe.

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2 reviews for NBS Clarity 15ml

  1. stuart

    I have been using this since Dec 2017, after a old friend became fed up with only being able to drink cider. I’m not too sure whom was more nervous on the first tasting, but i’m now having to drop off beers on a regular basis.
    I tried a previous batch without the additive and I can’t taste a difference.

    If you need a clear beer, without gluten, well this seems to be the product for you, and me.

  2. Robert Bird (verified owner)

    I’ve been GF for 12 years and missed home-brewing and craft beers A LOT during that time. This stuff works and has allowed me to brew a wide range of different beers without getting ill! I typically use 0.5 ml in primary fermentation and (if i’m feeling super paranoid) another 0.25 ml in secondary. Either way, this works out as an extra 25-35 p extra per 23 l brew (at time of writing), which is far and away worth the cost. Every “non-gf” person who I’ve given beer to has said they couldn’t tell the difference. I’ve gotten through around 4 bottles in the last couple of years and will shortly be in need of more. if you are gluten free or have gluten free fiends, just add it.

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