BarthHaas® HopAid® Antifoam - 25g

BarthHaas® HopAid® Antifoam – 25g


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Prevent excessive foam formation during fermentation naturally and reliably

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HopAid® Antifoam is a hop-derived product that naturally reduces foam formation during fermentation. With the help of HopAid® Antifoam, you can increase your fermenter capacity by up to 20%, allowing for more efficient fermentation and ultimately, more beer to sell or enjoy!

HopAid® Antifoam is not like other Antifoam agents: It is the world’s only hop-based product that inhibits foaming during fermentation, offers the brewer unique benefits and great value for money to you and your customers.

BarthHaas Anti Foam

Purpose: HopAid® Antifoam is designed to prevent excessive foam formation during fermentation, which can be used in all types of fermenters, including those used for top and bottom-fermented beers.

Application: To use HopAid® Antifoam, add it to the cooled wort as the fermenter is filled. Depending on the recipe and fermentation process, the dosage rate will typically range between 5 and 50 g/hl.

We recommend starting with a dosage rate of 20 g/hl. Fermentations with high levels of foam-stabilising substances, such as hop acids and proteins, may require higher dosages, while products with high levels of adjuncts may require lower levels of HopAid® Antifoam.

The yeast will remove most of the active components by adsorption onto the cell wall, while any remaining traces can be filtered out. It is important to note that HopAid® Antifoam is not compatible with strong acids or bases.

Storage: Keep HopAid® Antifoam away from direct sunlight and store it between 5°C and 20°C

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