NEIPA Mini Mash Kit

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A hop heavy hazy juice bomb of a New England IPA, rich in fruity citrus mango flavours. This recipe kit is for the more advanced extract brewer who understands basics on water and how to avoid oxidisation during the brewing process.

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A hop heavy hazy juice bomb of a New England IPA, rich in fruity citrus mango flavours. This recipe kit is for the more advanced extract brewer who understands basics on water and how to avoid oxidisation during the brewing process.

Easy to brew at home with minimal equipment investment using malt extract and steeping select grains. Check out our video on how to do a mini mash at home.

This mini mash kit arrives with all the ingredients needed to complete the recipe. Easily brew this beer with outstanding results using equipment that most people have readily available at home.


Equipment Required (not Included):
Pan/pot (no smaller than 10L)
30L fermentator and air lock (cleaned and sanitised)
Mash Paddle (sanitised)
Sanitiser and Cleaner
Household kettle – for hot water
Thermometer (sanitised)


Crisp Pale Wheat Malt (300 grams)
Thomas Fawcett – Golden Promise Pale Ale Malt (300 grams)
Crisp Flaked Barley (300 grams)
Simcoe Pellets (100 grams)
Mosaic Pellets (100 grams)
Amarillo Pellets (100 grams)
LALLEMAND New England 11g Beer Yeast (1 packs)
Premium Grade Light Liquid Malt Extract 4.5kg

Hop Sock for grains


Beer Style (main): American Ales
Beer Style (sub): Juicy or Hazy Pale Ale
Batch Size: 21
Original Gravity: 1072
Final Gravity: 1015
ABV %: 7
IBU: 15

Temperature °C: 65
Length (mins): 60
Out temp °C:
Out time (mins):

Boil time (mins): 30

Additions and timing:

Once 100c boil has been reached count down 30 minutes boil time and add hops at correct timings:
22g Amarillo – 30 min
If you have not already done so then sanitise your fermenter and paddle now.
Add the hot wort from the pan to your fermenter.
Add in the Malt Extract and mix well.
Top up with cold water to 21L, do this vigorously to ensure it is aerated.
Check the temperature of the wort. If it is below 20c then you can now add the yeast.
Fasten the lid on tightly and fix the airlock in place. Position the fermenter in a location that will maintain the temperature at a constant 18-20c.

First Dry Hop Addition:

20g Simcoe
20g Mosaic

This should be added around 2 days into fermentation, once you have a good layer or foam (Krausen) on top of the fermenting beer. This is a vital stage in this beer style production as the hop addition while a high level of fermentation is taking place causes a bio transformation in the hop chemistry and creates the distinctive opaque haze associated with this beer style.

Second Hop Addition:

78g Amarillo
80g Simcoe
80g Mosaic

This should be added towards the end of active fermentation (around 5/7 days) and the beer ideally should be cooled to 14c before adding the hops. Leave for around 3/5 days before starting the cold crash if possible.

Yeast: LalBrew New England
Fermentation temperature/steps: 7-10 days at 18/20c and then chill to 14c for dry hop and hold for 3/5 days. Finally followed by a cold crash if possible at 3c for 3 days if possible


If possible, please follow the temperature schedule in the fermentation steps. This will have a positive effect on the final product. It will also reduce the amount of hop matter in suspension of the final beer. The yeast suggests a pitch rate of 1g per L, we chose to under pitch to get more fruity esters from the yeast in this kit, but you can if you wish order an additional pack of yeast to use with the kit.

This is a very hop forward beer, to allow the hops to shine if you are in a hard water area, we recommend using bottled water or water that has the correct profile for this style of beer.

Finally due to the high level of how used we advise extra caution when packaging this beer to avoid oxidisation of the hops and causing the beer to loose it’s distinctive colour. Ideally we would recommend kegging but if bottling do consider this point.

Additional information

Weight 5.713 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 2106909853

2 reviews for NEIPA Mini Mash Kit

  1. Gavin Mitchell (verified owner)

    Brewed this for the first time and quite pleased. It’s a bit darker than I was expecting, though it is a lovely copper colour. Really good body with a thick, creamy yellow head. Hop aroma is strong, but I’m not getting quite the juiciness I hoped for, but I am in a hard water area so would definitely try with bottled water next time. Might also switch out the LME for extra light.

  2. John Crossley (verified owner)

    Would not say this is worth the extra money over the ipa mini mash kit.
    Followed the brew to the tee but its missing the haze of a neipa.

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