Nic's Lazy Raspberry Sour

Nic’s Lazy Raspberry Sour


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A fruity sour with a lot less effort than kettle souring or sour aging.

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Having a nice fruity sour beer is lovely but with traditional method such as kettle souring or sour aging it can be a laborious and time consuming process.

However using Lallemand’s WILDBREW Philly Sour Pitch yeast  you can make the process a lot simpler. Basically as it ferments there is a production of lactic acid which sours the beer, and the sour pitch utilises free sugars well to produce this lactic acid.

Now here comes the really lazy bit, Lowicz Raspberry Syrup  is basically just fruit concentrate and sugar, so rather than faff about with fruit pulp I simply stir 2 bottles in at the end of the boil.

The syrup is 78% sugar so 2 400ml bottles will give you about 624g of sugar in the recipe, plenty for creating a good level of sourness.

If you enjoy this with the Raspberry Syrup why not try it with other flavours!

Ingredients Included

Crisp German Pilsen Malt
Crisp Pale Wheat Malt
Saazer – BarthHaas® Pure Hop Pellet (28 grams)
Hallertauer Magnum – BarthHaas® Pure Hop Pellet (14 grams)
WILDBREW Philly Sour Pitch – 11g (2 packs)

2 Bottles of Lowicz Raspberry syrup (Not Included)

Total Grain 5kg


Beer Style (main): American Ales
Beer Style (sub): American-Style Sour Ale
Batch Size: 21
Original Gravity: 1.065
Final Gravity: 1.008
ABV %: 7.6
IBU: 22
Mash efficiency: 80
Brewing equipment: Grainfather G30

Temperature °C (Step 1): 65
Length (mins) (Step 1): 60
Temperature °C (Step 2): 75
Length (mins) (Step 2): 10

Boil time (mins): 60

Hop / kettle additions and timing:

14g Magnum @ 60 minutes
28g Saazer @10 minutes

Whirlpool / hop stand:

2 bottles Lowicz Raspberry 400ml (or 440ml) @ 10 minutes (not included)

Stir in straight at the end of the boil

Yeast: 2 X Philly Sout
Fermentation temperature/steps: 27°C 2 weeks

Secondary additions:



Philly sour is a slow fermenting yeast, which can be fermented at 27°C with no adverse effects, to speed it up. The free sugars in the Lowicz Raspberry will help produce a good level of sourness. You can find these syrups in most super markets and Polish shops.

Additional information

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Country of Origin GB
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