Premium CMB Disconnect Set Inc. JG Fitting

Premium CMB Disconnect Set Inc. JG Fitting


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CMB Premium Disconnect in and out set

3/8 Natural Beer/Gas Line - Valpar Brewmaster 2

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CMB disconnects are made in Germany and are recommended by AEB, these are the best disconnects on the market.

Easily purchase a complete set up allowing the use of 3/8 beer and gas line with just one click. Always use the Black disconnect for Beer and the Grey disconnect for Gas.

Optionally, order 3/8 gas / beer line sold per meter. Beer and gas line is interchangeable.

These have a big advantage over barbed fittings in that the beer / gas line can swivel meaning less chance of a kinked line.

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Weight .5 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 8481900090


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