Premium CO2 Secondary Regulator

Premium CO2 Secondary Regulator


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For controlling gas pressure on your home brew system. This allows independent pressure control on each keg gas line.

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Premium Secondary Regulator, produced by ODL in Italy to our design and specification.

Looking to have different pressure on your kegs in your kegerator? Well this is the solution.

Take the gas line from your existing regulator, feed this to the secondary regulator, this can then be ‘daisy-chained’ to add multiple secondary regulators depending on how many kegs you wish to feed with gas. Allowing each Secondary Regulator to feed off a gas line which you can set at independent pressure levels and also shut off if required.

Each Secondary Regulator comes fitted with 3/8 John Guest fitting in and out. Also comes with 3/8 John Guest plug to close off the gas out at the end of the chain. The product also has a mounting bracket so you can attach to a wall or board.


Sold singularly and without the main Premium CO2 Regulator which is required. This does not fit directly onto the gas bottle.

Additional information

Weight 0.85 kg
Country of Origin IT
HS Code 9032810000


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