Premium Oak Chips - Dark Toasted French Oak - 100g

Premium Oak Chips – Dark Toasted French Oak – 100g


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Darker Toasted French Oak Chips, perfect for adding deep chocolate oak notes to you home brewed beverage

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Premium Oak Chips – Dark Toasted French Oak

Our premium dark toasted French oak chips are the perfect addition to your home brewed beer, wines or spirits. A deeper toasted French oak which have been sourced from one of France’s leading Oak Product manufactures, Pronektar. They specialise in the production of Oak products for wine vilification and ageing of spirts and other beverages.

These Oak Chips are designed to bring a roasted, dark chocolate, grilled oak note to the finished beverage. Expect a powerful and pronounced Oak profile. Perfect for bigger dark “barrel aged” beer

Due to the large surface area you gain from oak chips, they are an easy and affordable way to add wood character to your home brew beer, wine of spirit without the need to outlay on a barrel. Perfect for the brewer who wishes to start their journey with wood as a flavouring. You’ll find them a perfect addition to a home brewed Imperial Stout to mimic the process of barrel aging, they can also be added to wine during fermentation or aging for that distinctive oak character and these make for a wonderful addition to the small scale distillers arsenal as aging Whisky or Bourbon on these Oak Chips will drive deep chocolate and roasted notes in the finished Spirit.

They can be added to the fermenter for beer and wine at any point during fermentation, depending on the brewers profile and desired amount of Oak presence. For adding to Sprits, you can add them to Spirt after the distillation process has been done and then age for anything from 6 months onwards.

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Dosage Guidance (Based on 23l Beer Kits, 30 Bottle Wine Kits, 2l Finished Spirts)

  • Beer – Up to 100g
  • White Wine – 20-50g
  • Red Wine – 20-80g
  • Spirits – 20-50g

All dosage is a guidance and can be tailored depending on personal flavour preference. Contact times will vary in all applications, once again based on the profile you wish to achieve.

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Country of Origin France
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