Pressure Transfer and Low O2 Dry Hop Kit v1

Eliminating oxygen from your beer once fermented is imperative, oxygen is ruinous to beer in only very small amounts.

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Eliminating oxygen from your beer once fermented is imperative, oxygen is ruinous to beer in only very small amounts. Using this kit will reduce O2 pickup whilst transferring and dry hopping.

This simple kit can be used with multiple different vessels to both pressure transfer from fermenter to keg or to introduce CO2 to the fermenter whilst dry hopping.

This consist of:-

2m 3/8 gas line

2m 12mm platinum silicone tubing

1/2 stainless steel male hosebarb

1/2″ to 3/8 JG fitting

Push fit the gas line into the JG fitting, screw the hose barb into the JG fitting and add the 12mm silicone tube to the barb. Both lengths of tubing can then be cut to shut your specific set up. Take not that the silicone tubing is not mechanically secured, since we are only dealing with small amounts of pressure ( 5 PSI ) it is not needed. Use a butterfly hose clip if concerned.

To pressure transfer, connect the 12mm silicone to the barb on the top of your fermenter. The tube will work with any of our 1/2″ barbs, these are found on Ss Brewtech BME fermenters, 1/2″ tri clamp barbs can be used on Grainfather conicals. Also the silicone tubing is a perfect fit in the hole in the Ss Brewtech Brewbucket lid. Connect the 3/8 gas line to your regulator. Apply small amount of CO2 pressure, 5 PSI or less using your regulator before opening the transfer valve on your fermenter.

To add CO2 whilst dry hopping. This is very similar to the above but instead of creating top pressure the idea is that you bubble CO2 up though the beer whilst the lid is off and you are adding dry hops. Connect the kit up to your regulator as desired above, connect the silicone tubing to the transfer valve at the bottom of your fermenter. You will find that the tubing will fit the Grainfather conical, all Ss Brewtech Chroncial and unitanks and also all plastic bucket type fermenters that use THIS tap. Again, only small amounts of pressure are required, 5 PSI or less. Add positive pressure before opening the valve on your fermenter.

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