Rake’s Ruin - Hazy IPA - All Grain Kit

Rake’s Ruin – Hazy IPA – All Grain Kit


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A big juicy IPA which smacks of tropical fruit and citrus!

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The biggest homebrew showdown in Malt Miller history… Rakey V Stiffo… Who can brew the best IPA all grain kit for less than £1.50 a pint!!!

This recipe is Stiffo’s take on a modern IPA showcasing techniques and ingredients which delivery a juicy, low bitterness and pillowy IPA. Expect tons of tropical fruit notes balanced with Citrus and even a slight dankness from the Strata. Tons of citrus & almost tangerine from the Citra and Cascade sing on the aroma. This follows though in the flavour with a touch more complexity from the Strata Dry hop which brings some dank pine notes. The malt bill used on this beer aids in a smooth mouth feel and the Oats bring a layer of oily thickness, the other malts used mean you have a desirable malty undertone behind the fruit notes from the hops.

We brewed this beer using the water profile from Verdant Brewing Co following the recipe kit release for Even Sharks Need Water. This leaves a very soft and pillow like mouth feel, almost creamy. When this is balanced with the very low bitterness you really do get a silky smooth juicy like experainace. Check out the details on the water needed to make this a success and hit the same kind of results we saw here!

We made a starter to ensure we have enough yeast to pitch into the beer. This kit comes with the 115g of Dry Malt Extract to allow you to grow a starter from the yeast but if you would rather you coudl pitch two packets of the yeast.

Watch the video for this project here where these two battle it out to see who can be crowned the winner…

Ingredients Included

Crisp Light Munich Malt
TMM Jumbo Oat Flakes 26
Crisp Pale Wheat Malt
LALBREW® VERDANT IPA Dried Yeast 11g (1 packs)
Spray Dried Malt Extract – Light – 115g (1 packs)
INCOGNITO – Citra 16g (1 packs)

100g Cascade Hops

2 x 100g Starta Hops


Beer Style (main): American Ales
Beer Style (sub): Juicy or Hazy India Pale Ale
Batch Size: 23
Original Gravity: 1.063
Final Gravity: 1.015
ABV %: 6.32
IBU: 4.3

Temperature °C: 67
Length (mins): 60
Out temp °C: 75
Out time (mins): 10

Boil time (mins): 60

Additions and timing:


Whirlpool: 30 mins before starting to draw off to FV and chill

15g Incognito – Citra
100g T90 – Cascade

Secondary additions and timing:

Once beer has finished fermenting, chill to 15c, draw off yeast from FV and then add 100g Strata T90 Pellets. The care to not introduce oxygen to your beer…Leave for 24 hours then rouse the hops using CO2 through the bottom of your fermenter. Leave for a further 24 hours and then draw off the hop matter which will have settled in your FV. Repeat this step again with the second 100g packet of Strata T90 pellets.

Once you have completed these steps, cold crash your beer to 4c for 48 hours, draw off any further yeast and hop matter before packaging your beer, ideally into keg.

Yeast: Verdant IPA – 1 Pack, grown up into 500ml of starter for 48 hours
Fermentation temperature/steps: 19c – 7-10 days


Additional information

Weight 6.695 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 2106909853


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