Rob’s Twisted Stout

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This is one of Rob’s recipes.
Perfect for a home brewer of any experience level who appreciates a superb tasting stout.

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This is one of Rob’s recipes.
Perfect for a home brewer of any experience level who appreciates a superb tasting stout.


Crisp Pale Ale Malt (4000 grams)
Thomas Fawcett – Oat Malt (400 grams)
Crisp Flaked Barley (390 grams)
Weyermann® CaraAroma® (170 grams)
Weyermann® Carafa Special® Type 3 (240 grams)
Bramling Cross Pellets (100 grams)
NBS Ale Yeast 12g (1 packs)


Beer Style (main): British Ales
Beer Style (sub): Oatmeal Stout
Batch Size: 23L
Original Gravity: 1049
Final Gravity: 1012
ABV %: 4.9

Temperature °C: 67
Length (mins): 60
Out temp °C: 75
Out time (mins): 10

Boil time (mins): 90

Additions and timing:

60g Bramling Cross 90 Mins
40g Bramling Cross 5 Mins

Secondary additions and timing:


Yeast: NBS Ale Yeast
Fermentation temperature/steps: 20c until FG


This is one of Rob’s recipes.
Perfect for a home brewer of any experience level who appreciates a superb tasting stout.

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Country of Origin GB
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17 reviews for Rob’s Twisted Stout

  1. simonashtonuk (verified owner)

    Simply brilliant! This has renewed my appreciation for stout. A little sweet after 2 weeks of conditioning at 4C but balances out perfectly at week 3-4. Has a great head, probably thanks to the oats. And it’s cheap! Final result here –

  2. James Carey (verified owner)

    This was a fantastic stout and didn’t last long at all. Nice and smooth, this went off like a rocket and had a mass blow out! So prepare yourself with a blow off tube ; ) great value too

  3. Rob Styles (verified owner)

    Very much a newbie to the brewing scene and after a few not quite right brews, this one tasted perfect to me. Has the sweetness of a Guinness with a hint of the burnt/toasted taste you get from a murphy’s

  4. Robin Belson (verified owner)

    By comparison £16 will buy you four pints of Guinness in a semi decent central London Hostillery. It will probably be ‘cold’ and will probably be served by a scabby teenager with an attitude.

    By comparison this is infinitely better, Its a recipe without frills, there is no stepped mash, secondary fermentation, additions or whatnot, its a plug and play which even when bottle conditioned (…and personally I think stouts should be in a cask) produces a glass hugging head and the sort of smooth flowing beer on which great sessions are made.
    Did I mention that my sample was only 13 days in the bottle at ambient room temperature so I am sure it still has room to improve (Its been put to bed for an xmas drink).

    Best £16 quid I ever spent on beer.

  5. ben warner (verified owner)

    My first all grain brew and it’s blooming lovely!!!

  6. Andrew Payne (verified owner)

    I don’t often review which is a bit poor, but after an excellent service from the MM during Covid, previously I had split orders between another UK supplier, but now I have been exclusive.. i have a load of malt but I thought I would try something different and ordered a couple of all grain recipes and they were seriously good !
    Call out has to be Robs Twisted Stout, carb with CO2 and then on to 30/70 nitrogen with stout tap and like it or not it’s guiness but better 😀. Brilliant!

  7. Michael Abbott (verified owner)

    First beer completed using my grainfarther, purchased from the Malt Miller. Starting and final gravity was bang on. Taste tested the day of bottling at it tasted okay so I was confident of a good ale. Left for just over a month in the bottle and it is fantastic. Full flavoured stout that makes you want to go back for one or two more. Perfect recipe to start all grain brewing with. Gave some to my mates and they actually thought I had bought the drink and removed the labels. Cheers Rob, top stout mate.

  8. James Carey (verified owner)

    Brewed this again and left in the keg for at least 4 weeks before trying ( trust me it was hard to do ) but the wait was worth it. I remember this being a good stout, but forgot how good it actually was? This time round I brewed with tesco ashbeck water and no salt additions, and the results were fantastic. This will definitely be a regular brew for me, as I actually don’t mind a nice cold stout in the summer too. As always with the MaltMiller, great quality ingredients and a reasonable price too. Highly recommended 👌🏻

  9. Nigel Macey (verified owner)

    A superb stout kit,brewed on my Grainfather G30 back in August 2020,and sampled two days ago.Great taste and highly recommended!🍺🍺🍺🍺.

  10. jon curtis (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic, I’m not a big stout drinker, but this is one of my favourite brews, perfectly malty and a great balance of sweet and bitterness, lingers in the mouth for a while.. Will defiantly make again.

  11. Dave Mitchell (verified owner)

    Great recipe resulting in a lovely stout, rich, minerally and with a silky mouthfeel.
    I actually tweked the recipe into an oyster stout by adding some oysters into the boil and results were excellent.

  12. pip gittings (verified owner)

    Wow!! This was our first stout all grain recipe and its already on the ‘Must brew again’ list. Fantastic mouthfeel, really rich creamy malt flavour with a hint of vanilla and milk chocolate. Brilliant head retention. You wont be disappointed.

  13. David Hazell (verified owner)

    Best I’ve brewed so far. I ran out of time and let the wort cool overnight. FV was a big mouth bubbler, rehydrated yeast and pitched. Within a day it had clogged the airlock and popped the lid! Should have used a blow off tube! I fermented for almost 3 weeks and bottle conditioned for almost 3 weeks. It has turned out beautiful. I’m going to buy this kit again for sure. I’m wondering if I added some rolled oats whether I would get a bit more mouthfeel, but I haven’t started looking at altering water chemistry yet so maybe some CRS would do it. Lots to learn, but this stout is a joy and I’m definitely going to have another go.

  14. Michael Walker (verified owner)


  15. Mark Seely (verified owner)

    Warning!!! Don’t get this unless you get two, already finished the first batch have to order more, definitely worth it.

  16. Chris Raynor (verified owner)

    A very nice drink, and some surprisingly complex flavours, after it’s matured, for such a simple recipe. If you like stouts, do try this one. Be warned, it’s very drinkable.

  17. tonycrump1 (verified owner)

    Tasty! Not as dry as Guinness, has loads of character. A very good value for money kit that like most stouts definitely improves with age.

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