SG Wines - Classic Red 6 Bottle (4.5L) Wine Kit

SG Wines – Classic Red 6 Bottle (4.5L) Wine Kit


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SG Wines Classic 6 Bottle Red Wine Making Kit makes a light and easy-drinking dry red wine. Formally known as Solomon Grundy Wine Kits.

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SG Wines Classic 6 Bottle Red Wine Making Kit makes a light and easy-drinking dry red wine.


Make this kit in 6 easy steps!
1.    Clean and sanitise your equipment.
2.    Mix your ingredients together.
3.    Ferment for at least 5 days.
4.    Clear the sediment from your wine.
5.    Bottle.
6.    Enjoy!
For full instructions, see inside your kit.


In addition to the kit, you will also require:
– Fermenter (5 L)
– Airlock & Grommet
– Demijohn & Bored Bung / Secondary  Fermenter (minimum 1 gal / 4.6 L)
– Mixing Spoon
– Hydrometer
– Thermometer
– Syphon
– Cleaner & Steriliser
– *Sugar
– 6 x 750 ml wine bottles
– 6 corks & corker / screw caps


* This kit requires the addition of 800 g of granulated sugar (sucrose) or 890 g of brewing sugar (dextrose) for fermentation.


  • Grape Juice Concentrate Blend Pouch
  • Wine Yeast Sachet
  • Yeast Nutrient Sachet
  • Acid Regulator Sachet
  • Stabiliser Sachet
  • Flavouring Add-Back
  • Wine Finings A
  • Wine Finings B

Makes: 6 Bottles/4.5 L


Approx ABV: 12.5%


Ingredients: Concentrate [white grape juice concentrate (sulphites), invert sugar syrup, apple juice concentrate, elderberry juice concentrate, acid (citric acid), acidity regulator (sodium citrate), colour (anthocyanin), water, preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium metabisulphite)]; Flavouring add-back [glucose syrup, elderberry juice concentrate, water, white wine concentrate (sulphites), flavourings, preservatives (sodium metabisulphite, potassium sorbate], antifoaming agent]; Chitosan [water, acid (malic acid), chitosan (crustaceans), preservative (sodium metabisulphite)]; Acid regulator [acid (citric acid), acidity regulator (sodium citrate)]; Yeast nutrient [yeast nutrients, vitamins, trace minerals]; Kieselsol [silica solution]; Yeast [dried yeast (yeast, emulsifier (E491))]; Stabiliser [preservatives (sodium metabisulphite, potassium sorbate), yeast nutrient].


Allergens: Sulphites, crustaceans.

To learn more about how easy and rewarding making a wine kit is at home be sure to check out our YouTube channel

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