Solomon Grundy Platinum Wine Kit – Rose – 30 Bottle (23L)

Solomon Grundy Platinum Range. The all inclusive 7 days wine kit that offers simplicity, ease of use and a great tasting wine in just 7 days.

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7 Day, 30 Bottle kit.

Start the fermentation on day 1, it’s finished by Day 5, and cleared and ready to drink by Day 7.

Solomon Grundy Platinum is the latest addition to the hugely popular Solomon Grundy range of 7 day wine kits. There is no need to purchase any extra sugar for these kits, and none of the quality from the original ranges has been lost.

Each kit produces 30 bottles of great tasting wine at very low cost!

Each kit contains 5L of quality grape concentrate, yeast, yeast nutrient, finings and full instructions.

A light, refreshing sipping wine, with flavours of strawberries and raspberries.  A great social wine.

Instructions and all ingredients included.

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Weight 6 kg
Country of Origin UK
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