NukaTap Self Closing Tap Spring

NukaTap Self Closing Tap Spring

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Add this spring to either the stainless or the chrome plated brass Intertaps to make the tap self closing.

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The NukaTap SS can be used with an Auto-Close Spring. By inserting the spring between the shank and tap body this will cause the tap to automatically close when you let go of the handle of the tap handle

Please note these do not work with the flow control models. For flow control NukaTap springs see here

Check out the fitting video.

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Weight 0.01 kg
Country of Origin CN
HS Code 7320208190

2 reviews for NukaTap Self Closing Tap Spring

  1. Robert Neale

    Yes, the spring will work on V2 but the flow control taps, you are not able to use the spring.

  2. Tony Roper (verified owner)

    I like these springs, but………………
    it appears they do not like high carbonated IPA’s, Lagers, wheat-beers etc.
    I had a small leak from a tap, at the handle/control on a Hazy IPA that I caught with minimal loss. I put it down to bad installation by myself, not tightening things up enough etc.
    I dismantled the tap and took out the spring – no issues with the Hazy afterwards.
    However, on getting up this morning, with a fresh Wheat-beer in at 19.2 PSI, I discovered it had leaked over night. Loss was over two litres. It was coming from the same handle area as before.
    Not had a single issue with ales at 10 PSI or below.

    • Robert Neale

      Tony, How tight the bonnet is makes a huge difference to how these springs work. They need to be tight enough to allow the spring to create the return and not loose enough to leak. Always test them at a higher pressure than you would ever serve at. Also, need to remember that these do not work with FC taps and they need placing the correct way with the conical end fave towards the spout.

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