Ss Brewtech Glycol Chiller - 3/8 HP Cool up to 6 Vessels


Ss Brewtech Glycol Chiller – 3/8 HP Cool up to 6 Vessels

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Ss Brewtech Glycol Chiller –Independently control 6 vessels

FTSs² Chilling & Heating Brewmaster Chronicals, Chronical 2.0 & Unitanks

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Controlling the temperature that beer ferments at is the difference between good and excellent beer. This can be as basic as converting a fridge. However, the gold standard is a glycol chiller as it is far more flexible. This version from Ss Brewtech will allow up to three different vessels to be chilled at any one time, all of which can be programmed to be running at different temperatures. This allows ultimate control.

Think of a glycol chiller of a bath of glycol that can be stored at below 0 Celsius. A submersible pump can then be placed within the glycol solution that can pump the glycol round a coil within a fermenter or unitank 

Introducing the Ss Brewtech  Glycol Chiller | 3/8 HP, which will maintain lager temps and enable crash cooling for up to 6 vessels even in relatively high ambient temperatures. We designed the chiller to integrate seamlessly with our FTSs kits to provide a complete temperature control system.

This is the latest model with detachable power cord, we will ship with the correct power cord for your country.

Since each FTSs kit includes its own dedicated temperature controller, pump, and tubing, each vessel can be connected to the glycol chiller with its own independent loop. The parallel design of this set up offers the ability to ferment at ale temps in one vessel, and maintain precise serve or crash cooling temps in another vessel. The Glycol Chiller can also be paired with our line of Ss Brite Tanks to hold beer at serving temperatures. This system offers both flexibility and expandability for your home brewery.

6 litres of glycol is required

Free shipping on a pallet to UK Mainland. 2-3 Days UK shipping time.


Attach up to 6 FTSs kits at one time
Capable of crash cooling and lagering
Chills Up to 4 – 1 BBL Chronicals or Unitanks
Chills Up to 6 – 1/2 BBL, 14, or 7 gal Chronicals or Unitanks
Chills up to 6 – 14 or 7 gal Brew Buckets

Glycol Chiller Glycol chiller Digital Controller Instructions 3/8HP

Glycol Chiller Digital Controller Instructions


Vertical chassis layout
220 volt 3/8 HP Compressor

0.8 KW power requirement
3576 BTUs/Hr
10 US Gallon ( 37 litre ) Reservoir
Casters included
Made in France
Dimensions: approx 17″ W x 18″ D x 28.5″ H ( 43 x 46 x 72.5 cm )

Additional information

Weight 301 kg
Country of Origin FR
HS Code 8418215900
Requires own box yes

1 review for Ss Brewtech Glycol Chiller – 3/8 HP Cool up to 6 Vessels

  1. David foxton

    Excellent bit of kit. easy to use. build quality is exactly what I have come to expect from SS. precise control of temperatures, so far no issues hooking up 4 brew buckets even when the room temp is 30+oC- still the temp remains within 0.5oC. Also chilling wort to pitching temps works a dream, ideal with the current warm summer and high ground water temps. IF I was asking for more it would be an Iphone app (WIFI/bluetooth) program’able control system- then I wouldnt need to leave the sofa. 🙂

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